Japans first participation in NATO network military training Japanese media: practical significance

 Japans first participation in NATO network military training Japanese media: practical significance

More than 30 countries and regions, including the United States and other NATO member countries, participated in the exercise code named network alliance 2019, Japan Economic News reported on December 3. The exercise site is located in the control center in Estonia, from 2 to 6 this month.

About 20 people from the Ministry of defense and the self defense force participated in the online performance in the Ministry of defense in shigu, Tokyo, mainly including the heads of departments such as the Ministry of supervision of the integrated staff and the Cyber Defense Force. Participants log in to the specially prepared procedures for the exercise, and work with other countries to complete information sharing and decision-making tasks.

According to the report, the situation of cyber attack and government website invasion in the context of international disputes is changing rapidly. The exercise will test whether countries can take flexible measures while cooperating in the face of changes in the situation. The exercise is not only limited to the defense of cyber attacks, but also to the counterattack of imaginary enemies.

Japan has been an observer state for the exercise from 2015 to 2018. Japanese media said it was unable to share confidential information because it was not a formal participating country.

Japan lacks the experience of participating in cross-border joint performances in cyberspace, and there are still many problems to be overcome, such as the lack of language skills, said the head of the Ministry of defense. It is of great significance to participate in the joint performance with a view to the actual combat in the future.

According to the report, there is a view that Japan has lagged behind the US and Europe in the construction of the Internet defense system. Once Japan, which maintains cooperation with the United States and Europe in the field of security, becomes the target of attack, it may bring losses to the United States and Europe that have defense information exchange with Japan.

In April this year, based on the Japan US security treaty, the governments of Japan and the United States confirmed that the defense obligations of the United States to Japan also apply to cyberspace. According to the report, Japan has expressed the governments view that when the United States and other countries close to Japan encounter any form of cyber attack, Japan can exercise the right of collective self-defense.

Japans participation in the exercise is expected to ensure smooth cooperation on how to deal with intelligence sharing and other issues, said Ming He, a senior analyst at the Institute of Cyber Defense

In the 2018 edition of the defense plan outline, the Japanese government listed three new battlefields of great importance: cyberspace, space and electromagnetic space. In addition to the establishment of a new system protection force within the land self defense team, Japan has also expanded the scale of exercises with the United States, but the work to improve the defense system is still in its infancy.

Data chart: on April 26, 2017, the staff of the cyber war defense center set up in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, participated in the cyber defense exercise. Xinhua News Agency / Reuters

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