Has the price been increased? Mr. Pan Changjiang likes to mention Toyota ELFA

 Has the price been increased? Mr. Pan Changjiang likes to mention Toyota ELFA

Pan Changjiang and Yang Yun carefully select vehicles in the shop accompanied by the shopping guide. Although Pan Changjiang is wrapped so tightly, they are recognized by other personnel.

However, he did not express any displeasure about this, but pressed the brim lower, accompanied Yang Yun to continue to watch the car, and the surrounding personnel did not disturb Pan Changjiang too much.

After a selection, they showed a strong interest in the stars favorite nanny car, the Toyota ELFA,. The salesperson gave them a serious introduction. Pan Changjiang and Yang Yun also watched the car for a long time.

The netizen said that Mr. Pan Changjiang has always been focusing on Yang Yun in the process of car selection. She will follow Mr. Pan when she sees any car. She looks like a woman singing with her husband.

It can be seen that Mr. Pan Changjiang is in a good mood

Pan Changjiang is 62 years old. He and Yang Yun have been married for more than 30 years. They have always been in love. Last year, they recorded a variety show together, in which Pan Changjiang showed his love and expressed his gratitude to Yang Yun.

Pan Changjiang once said that he often performed with Yang Yun when he was young, and often peeped at Yang Yun during the performance. Because of their poor conditions at that time, they were not favored by the people around them when they were in love, but Yang Yun never gave up on himself, which made him have a happy family now.

Yang Yun likes to call Pan Changjiang Pan teacher, which is kind and respectful to each other. She has no secret of her admiration for Pan Changjiang. Yang Yun often says, he is a small man, although he is not tall, but he has a lot of energy in his small body.

It can be seen from Pan Changjiangs respect for Yang Yuns opinions when purchasing vehicles that he is a good husband who dotes on his wife.

Can you charge 200000 more for this car? Sales: Im sorry, we dont have such a big discount! , although its a joke, but some netizens are worried that Mr. Pan Changjiang will have to raise the price by 400000 yuan when he picks up the car!