Fun, versatile, FAW Volkswagen exploring, fashion, Volkswagen SUV

 Fun, versatile, FAW Volkswagen exploring, fashion, Volkswagen SUV

Mature powertrain / still popular

Before the appearance of tacqua, we had a relatively comprehensive static experience, and we also made a detailed report. Then this time we will have an in-depth experience on the dynamic part of the car. The model of this test drive is the model with 1.4T turbocharged engine + 7dsg dry dual clutch version. It is believed that consumers familiar with VW are not unfamiliar with this powertrain, which is widely used in VW a0-a class cars. There are also vehicles in FAW Volkswagens exploration of Yue / song. In addition, 1.5L naturally aspirated engine + 6at is also available.

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Full of motivation and radical adjustment

Tacquas supercharged model didnt use 1.2t as the power, but directly used a better 1.4T turbocharged engine, which surprised me a lot. This engine has mature technology and good reputation. Its equipped with tacqua shadow detector. Its a bit like a big horse pulling a small car. The whole section of the engine is full of power, and its more radical to be taught on this car.

This engine has a maximum power of 110KW and a maximum torque of 250nm. For a small SUV, some of the power is too strong, and the throttle is still relatively stable after being adjusted. It is still very German. The response speed of the engine and the speed increase are unconsciously completed, and the overall acceleration sense seems to have a continuous power release. Even at 100km / h, you can experience the pleasure of acceleration as you step on it.

If you dont think its fast enough, you may as well switch to s gear or manual mode. In these two modes, the power output is more direct and fast, and the shift speed is also raised to the red line of 6000rpm. The overall power feeling is more radical. The 7-speed DSG double clutch gearbox has also been optimized accordingly, which not only accelerates more smoothly, but also improves the problem of poor control during low-speed peristalsis.

Ran about 20 kilometers on the mountain road in Mogan mountain. Although it was positioned as an entry-level car, it was not careless in the adjustment of chassis and shock absorption, and kept the bottom line of the Volkswagen brand. The left and right roll control of the car body is reasonable when turning in large range. With 2650mm wheelbase and small car body, the flexibility in the mountain road is remarkable. There is not much vacancy in the electronic power steering. Although it is not very obvious, the overall strength feedback still maintains the level of the model of this level.

Theres nothing to describe the braking part. The overall braking efficiency is very good, and the braking foot feel is also very linear. After adapting to several kilometers, you can accurately find the foot feel and braking force that are suitable for you.

Running a high speed is the best way to test the NVH level of a car. In this part of the experience, tacqua detection gives me a bad feeling. When the speed is 100-120km / h, most of the main noise comes from the wind noise and some from the engine noise. Although there is no problem in the high-speed stability, the noise generated by it has obviously affected the conversation and listening to music in the car.

After the experience of paved road, we have walked a section of unpaved road with great interest. High trafficability is the quality of an SUV, even if it is a vehicle model that tends to drive in the city. Although tacqua does not provide a four-wheel drive version, the 176mm minimum ground clearance and 250nm maximum torque are easy to handle in the rugged and muddy mountain road. If you encounter this kind of muddy unpaved road during your trip, you can walk for a walk. But please dont deliberately challenge the power of nature, and dont embarrass tacqua to explore the shadow, because it is only an urban SUV after all.

Dynamic summary: in the hall and in the kitchen, this is my evaluation of tacqua. As an SUV model with multiple scenes, tacqua shadow detection has basically met the needs of most scenes in daily life. In terms of power, control and passing ability, tacqua shadow detections comprehensive driving ability is worth affirming, but in terms of NVH noise control, it may be a little pity because of model positioning and other reasons, but this does not affect its becoming the first choice of young consumers Mark.

[review of tacqua of FAW Volkswagen

Being different / walking on the street is to attract your attention

At present, young people all like the feeling of being different. No matter what they do, they should highlight their personality and become the focus of the public. They refuse to be the same in car selection. Tacqua is rated as the most fashionable Volkswagen SUV. From the perspective of high beauty value, it caters to the aesthetic characteristics of young consumers to a large extent. Besides maintaining the distinctive family design of Volkswagen brand, it deduces the appearance of a fashion SUV to the maximum extent.

Tacqua exploration shadow is a global model, which maintains the distinctive features of a small SUV in appearance design. It is dynamic, young and full of vigor. I believe it has the ability to let people who see it remember that it likes it at first sight. Like other models under the brand in appearance, tacqua exploration shadow provides two different styles to choose from. It also provides the same Bi Bi as the European prototype vehicle Jade color has greatly enhanced tacquas ability of eye-catching.

Just like all models will become larger when they arrive at home, the wheel base of tacqua shadow detection is increased by 88mm compared with overseas models, and the increased part is all used to improve the riding space in the rear of the car. This change also shows that the publics preference for domestic consumers is very accurate, so that tacqua video detection is no longer just the car of two people, but also can bring family members to enjoy the fun of traveling together when necessary.

VW brand new interior / rigorous workmanship

Tacquas interior design uses a brand-new Volkswagen style, which I first saw on the brand-new Satum. As a whole, it seems to be much younger. Whether it is used in cars or SUVs, it gives people a very suitable visual feeling and does not feel abrupt. The technological level and materials used for tacquas shadow detection interior are affected by the positioning of the model, which cant be compared with the model of higher level, but the texture and technological level of the overall cover are absolutely the embodiment of Volkswagen standard.

MIB multimedia entertainment + beast audio / please young consumers

A 8-inch central touch screen is used in the test drive model, although it is not large, but the display effect is very clear. The Volkswagen MIB multimedia entertainment system is built in. Although it is different from the car machine system of the autonomous model, the common functions are also provided. It supports the mapping function of Carplay mobile phone. The navigation can interact with the 10.2-inch full LCD Meter on two screens. In addition, infrared is used Line sensing: when the hand moves to the front of the screen, the hidden icon will automatically become larger and easier to operate.

The public also provides street fashion brand beast sound system for young people who like music. This system provides 6 speakers plus a subwoofer. Of course, this system needs to be optional. The logo of the brand can be seen inside the A-pillar and outside the car after the option.

In addition to the above multimedia configuration, the safety and comfort configuration is also quite rich. For example, the whole series of standard LED automatic headlights / daytime running lights are equipped on the test drive models, such as constant speed cruise, seat heating, rearview mirror heating, tire pressure monitoring, one key lifting of four doors and windows, panoramic sunroof, automatic dual zone air conditioning, rear exhaust outlet, automatic engine start and stop, keyless entry / one key Functions such as startup cannot be too luxurious in configuration due to level restrictions, but these mainstream functions are not shabby.

In terms of the pre-sale price of 120000-160000 yuan, the launch of tacqua is mainly focused on the entry-level young consumer market. These young consumers are not rich in funds, but they also want to buy a high-value, high-quality joint venture SUV as their first vehicle. From all aspects, tacqua is a kind of SUV model carefully built for this group, highlighting themselves and at the same time To experience the brand charm of Volkswagen, I think that in the early stage, with the success of two models of exploratory Yue / exploratory song, tacquas exploratory film will also have outstanding sales performance after it goes on the market. Together with exploratory Yue and exploratory song, it will form the SUV matrix of FAW Volkswagen from entry-level to high-end, and gain more sales achievements.