Are you reconciled? Li Yang apologizes for being raped by his ex-wife. I love you. Thank you for your forgiveness.

 Are you reconciled? Li Yang apologizes for being raped by his ex-wife. I love you. Thank you for your forgiveness.

The original text of Li Yang is as follows:

Thank you, Kim. Thank you for forgiving me. Ive been guilty of you for so many years. Once my domestic violence deeply hurt you, and also brought emotional harm to several children.

Thank you, my children. Your father is ashamed of the word father. You forgive me and love me so much. You love China, love Chinese culture, and come back to China every holiday to help me teach students and donate your salary to poor children. You are the greatest pride of my life!

Kim is right. Im a flawed person. I used to think that I had to die in the war because I couldnt enter my home. I used to think that putting all my time into work was the meaning of life. But Im wrong. Now I think that work is only a part of life when people finally want to return to their families. I appeal to all of you to return to your families and to your childrens lives.

Once again, I deeply apologize to the people of the country. I once failed to live up to the trust of my students and parents and set a bad example! I appeal to all Chinese parents to be calm and set an example for their children when dealing with family conflicts.

Kim is a great mother and a good teacher who loves China and Chinese children. She devoted her most precious time to Chinese students and was deeply loved by Chinese children. At the same time, she also made me understand American culture deeply.

There is no hatred between Kim and me now. In the past eight years, we still raise and educate our three daughters together. Mr. Kim and I dont have any special hobbies. Our biggest hobby is to write books together, teach together and discuss education issues together. In the past 20 years, we have spent it together.

Kim and I will continue to raise and educate children together in the future, which is our common responsibility and career forever! We will continue to make efforts for China US exchanges. Teacher Kim and I are educators. In the next few decades, we will help more people conquer deaf and dumb English.

I love you, Kim; I love you, my daughters. We will always be a family.

Love makes the world go around!

Im sorry! Excuse me! Thank you! I love you! Imsorry!Pleaseforgiveme!Thankyou!Iloveyou!

Crazy English Li Yang suspected that his remarried ex-wife had written to forgive her domestic violence

On November 28, Kim, the ex-wife of Li Yang, the founder of Crazy English, sent a long message saying I forgive my husband and I will always love my husband, suspecting that the two have remarried.