ELFAs price increase of more than 100000 yuan is still hard to find? Only 200000 cases are needed in Japan

 ELFAs price increase of more than 100000 yuan is still hard to find? Only 200000 cases are needed in Japan

A few days ago, a media source sent a message that the original price of the long listed Toyota Weifa could be purchased, while the brother model ELFA still increased the price by more than 100000 yuan, a car is hard to find. It has to be said that as consumers become more and more familiar with cars, most of the sister models are not as successful as expected in terms of strategy, and the original original is more favored by the market.

So, the question is, how much is the Japanese market price of Toyota ELFA, which is easily increased by more than 100000 yuan in the Chinese market?

In Chinas high-end luxury MPV market, Toyota ELFA is undoubtedly the benchmark, just like the GL8 in the middle market, which can not be shaken, even Mercedes Benz V-Class and Volkswagen mceway. It is understood that the official guide price of Erfa is 7720-856000 yuan. At present, dealers all over the country have increased their prices by 10-15 yuan. In the early years, its embarrassing for the local tyrants to buy an Erfa car without an additional 230000 yuan.

Compared with the Chinese market, which is hard to find a car, what is the price in Japan? It is reported that the price of the x-version new car of Toyota ELFA in Japanese market is 3.197 million yen, equivalent to about 206000 yuan.

Of course, this is the most low-end beggar version, offering eight seats, not as luxurious as the rear seats of the high-end version.

The starting price of ELFA is 3.197 million yen, and the top matching price can reach 7.036 million yen

(equivalent to 206000-454000 yuan)

So, isnt it worth 200000 yuan to buy an ELFA? Of course, from several aspects, the configuration level is not high. The seat is a manually adjusted flannelette seat, powered by a 2.5L engine and front drive.

The top equipped executive lounge has three models: 2.5L hybrid 4WD, 3.5L 2WD and 4WD

The hybrid Executive Lounge (hybrid 4-drive) with ELFA top is priced in Japan at 7036600 yen, equivalent to 454000 yuan, which is more expensive than the 3.5lv6 version.

In China, Erfa, which is often priced up to one million yuan, can be regarded as the travel standard of stars and local heroes. Some netizens commented: if you drive a Mercedes Benz S-class, you may only have one Mercedes Benz S-class; but you drive a Mercedes Benz S-class, which is different. There may be another Mercedes Benz S-class at home! However, the cars top configuration in Japan is less than 500000 yuan. In early years, all the money added in China can buy Japans low configuration ELFA. Here comes the question. Do you think this car is hyped or is it real?