Melon Anthony wins the best cigar of the week with a luxury car. Its really social

 Melon Anthony wins the best cigar of the week with a luxury car. Its really social

Once abandoned by mosaics, which led to a year of no ball playing melon, once again with hard power to face a lot of doubting fans, maybe this is the charm of competitive sports.

Quoted a comment from Guangzhou Yiyou: I dont know if Im old. The NBA cant like it now. Haden 077 is good at scoring, but I cant like it. There used to be all kinds of gods in every position. Duncan Garnett Kobe McGrady Carter answers Nash Ginobili I like even the edge bird man Anderson very much. Look at the present Hadden curry 077. Its clear that its so excellent, but I dont want to see it at all. Maybe Im old. Its true that scores in that era didnt explode as much as they do today, but its true that stars are shining, depending on one side. In those days, no matter in Denver or New York, GUARO was a hegemon.

Nowadays, a small star can easily win hundreds of millions of contracts, but money doesnt mean high status. In terms of reputation and status, Xu Wenqiang of New York City and my brother melon are absolutely ruthless in the NBA. They belong to the role that most people dare not to provoke. This kind of domineering is born, and can not be supported by a simple accumulation of money.

As the saying goes: in a group photo, whoever laughs is a fan. See the basketball God Jordan a flattered look, we know how good the social melon.

In New York, Garnett, a famous tough man in Boston who is famous for his iron blood, said to cuckoo: your wife tastes like a doughnut. At the end of the game, cuckoo was standing in front of the bus of the Kay team, frightening no one in the team to get off.

After all, GUARO is the one who dares to enjoy red wine in the street at night.

However, although guage is very social, there are still a group of like-minded brothers. He is one of the famous four heroes of the world and one of the members of the banana boat.

For this reason, the ordinary luxury car is not what guago pursues. All he plays are the old cars in the social circle of New York, such as the popular Cadillac rocket car.

Melon is still very fond of old cars. Its very fashionable to wear cigars.

Maseratis aura doesnt seem to match that of guago. Only Rolls Royce and Bentley can match that of big guy.

But the poor play with cars and the rich play with watches. Guage really doesnt care which cars are expensive. Watches and cigars are the true love.

This modified soft top horse herder is also a favorite of guage, with a high rate of exposure.

Horse herders can bring their children closer to nature.

As a rich man, guago has a good way of educating children to make money by washing their cars.

Its hard on children, but its true love for sister-in-law Gua. The Porsche 911 can be delivered at will. After all, the starting price of the car in the United States is 91100 dollars, even if its fully matched, its only 200000 dollars, and its earned in several competitions.

The 96 gold generation that once accompanied our youth has all retired, and the 03 platinum generation has only a few old Zhan, social melon and so on. Such a big guy can easily spend his whole life in money after retiring immediately, but guage is a good face. People fight for breath, prove themselves by strength, and hope that they can continue to shine and heat in the pioneers and bring wonderful performance to the fans.