English training organization Ruisi suddenly shut down 4 million tuition fees

 English training organization Ruisi suddenly shut down 4 million tuition fees

On the morning of November 27, dozens of parents gathered on the fourth floor of Harbin citys Hasi Wanda Square. They all signed up for Ruisi subject English for their children and paid the tuition in advance. To their surprise, the school suddenly closed.

It is understood that the tuition fee for the English course is nearly 20000 yuan per year. Before that, many parents took advantage of the preferential policies offered by the school and continued to pay tuition fees for several years. At present, less than 300 parents in Wanda campus have paid tuition fees, with a total amount of nearly 4 million yuan, the most of which is 110000 yuan.

Parents of students: we paid 32600 yuan for two years. We just had the first half of the course. Reporter: it was only closed on November 25. Was it still in normal class before? Parents of students: Yes, the children are still in normal classes. We didnt know anything before. When we came, we said that the headmaster left temporarily. Both headmasters left, and all the teaching teachers couldnt get in touch.

School side: the legal representative is detained, unable to pay wages. In fact, not only Wanda campus, but also other campuses will be closed at the end of the month, some parents understand. Last week was still a normal class, how suddenly closed it? Whats wrong with this chain of educational institutions?

Liu zhoukai, former headmaster of Hassi campus, said that the legal representative of the school was detained at the end of October because of a criminal case, leaving only 160000 yuan for the school to operate, which is not enough to pay teachers salaries. Under such circumstances, the school cannot continue to operate. In response, the parents of the students said that they hope that Rees English can give normal lessons to the children, and they will refund the tuition if they are unable to resume.

In the past two years, with the vigorous development of education and training institutions, there are many institutions running away because of the break of the capital chain, including many national chain enterprises like Ritz English.

It is hoped that the relevant regulatory authorities will carry out more strict and transparent financial supervision on such educational and training institutions that collect tuition fees in advance, so as not to make education become a tool for collecting money, and not to let these institutions close once there is a financial problem.

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