Why do people shake their legs unconsciously?

 Why do people shake their legs unconsciously?

Its like the hand that moves the leg first.

Then why does the leg shake unconsciously?

In fact, instead of asking why we move, we should ask ourselves: why do we sit?

Peoples sitting posture is against human nature.

What is primitive people sitting in front of computers and desks all day long? And sit upright, feet together, hands on the table?

From the very beginning, primitive people began to run all over the nature.

But now, I have been taught to stand as loose as a bell since I was a child. Until we accept sitting from our subconscious, we have to be upright. But everyone knows that for ordinary people, sitting is not long. Sitting for a while is tiring. We need to stand up and walk, or our legs will numb.

So when we sit for a long time and cant get up to move, we often begin to shake our legs unconsciously.

Because the act of shaking your legs will restrain your impulse to walk around to some extent, so that people can focus more on what they are doing.

As we just mentioned, when we are concentrating on something, we suddenly find that we are shaking our legs, but we dont know when we started.

This is a spontaneous reaction of the body, or a default state of the body. The body needs to move, but it cant stand up and walk, so there is this rhythmic shaking.

In addition to the normal needs of the human body, unconscious leg shaking can occur when people are excited. Some people will release their happiness and excitement by shaking their legs, as if this way can make happiness double.

However, although leg shaking behavior is a normal demand and performance, it is a slightly inelegant behavior in public.

In this case, is there any way to stop the leg shaking?

If you find that you cant help shaking your legs before you do something, stand up and walk, or do a small amount of exercise and other actions.

You can also choose to sit in a controlled place.

One of the reasons for shaking legs is to be afraid that the surrounding environment is uncontrollable and unsafe. Therefore, when choosing a seat when going out, you can choose a place with a sense of security, not too close to the entrance. Also select some places where few people can observe themselves. Reduce the maladjustment to the changeable environment.

Another reason for leg shaking is the stagnation of blood circulation caused by body rest.

So, if you can, avoid sitting and standing for a long time. Especially during the interview, you can relieve your uneasiness by walking around.

If you have to sit for a long time, you can massage your thighs and move your body properly.

Finally, the best way to get rid of a bad habit is to form a new habit.

If it is leg shaking caused by uneasiness, it can be replaced by other behaviors.

You can try to put your left hand on your thigh and move your middle finger, so that no one else will find out. On the other hand, you can also find a corresponding alternative to your leg shaking behavior.

Although leg shaking is because everyone has a sewing machine in their heart, in order to make themselves look more energetic and elegant, try to change it.

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