US sends amphibious warships to Japan the number of amphibious warships in 7th Fleet increases to 5

 US sends amphibious warships to Japan the number of amphibious warships in 7th Fleet increases to 5

According to the report, the two warships will increase the number of amphibious ships deployed by the 7th Fleet from three to five, and the other three are the Ashland, greenbell and Germantown based in Sasebo.

We welcome the New Orleans crew and their families as a valuable addition to our deployment at the front of the 7th Fleet theater, major general Fred kacher, commander of the 7th expeditionary strike group, said in a statement

The 684 foot long New Orleans has 322 sailors and 28 officers, the report said. In addition to the Shanghai marine detachment, the total number of people on board can reach about 800.

This colossal ship represents a significant increase in our amphibious capabilities and will enable us to work more frequently with our allies and partners in this important area and support our closer integration with our number one partner, the U.S. Marine Corps, he said in a statement

A spokesman for the 7th Fleet declined to say when the American arrived at Sasebo on Kyushu. The ships official Facebook Page said the crew would celebrate Thanksgiving somewhere in the Pacific Ocean..

After serving in Japan for about a year and a half, the hornet was transferred to Norfolk Naval base, Virginia, in September. During the service of the 7th Fleet, the amphibious attack ship made history and became the first amphibious attack ship to deploy the F-35B lightning II stealth fighter of the Marine Corps, which can take off and land vertically in a short distance, the US media said.

U.S. Navy amphibious dock transport ship New Orleans berths at its new home port, Japans Sasebo naval base (website of the U.S. Department of Defense)

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