Carrying out mutually beneficial cooperation and achieving common prosperity -- chairman Xi Jinpings meeting with foreign guests attending the 2019 from all international forum sparked a heated response.

 Carrying out mutually beneficial cooperation and achieving common prosperity -- chairman Xi Jinpings meeting with foreign guests attending the 2019 from all international forum sparked a heated response.

Six foreign guests spoke successively, congratulated the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, admired the great achievements of Chinas development, and appreciated Chinas important contribution to maintaining world peace and promoting sustainable development.

President Xi Jinping listened to us on the spot and gave us the opportunity to talk face to face with him. We feel very honored. Vaira vikiye freiberga, former president of Latvia and President of the world leaders Union, who participated in the Sixth International Forum of CONGDU, told our reporter.

Former Tunisian Prime Minister Mahdi Juma told this newspaper that over the past 40 years, China has formulated a clear road map, exerted strong executive power, continued to promote reform and opening up, and made remarkable achievements. Among them, helping hundreds of millions of people out of poverty is the most outstanding achievement, setting a model for the world.

Over the past 40 years, I have been to China more than 140 times and witnessed the peaceful rise of China. Neil bush, President of the George Bush foundation for us China relations, said that poverty eradication is an important goal of the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development. Chinas deepening reform and opening up will greatly promote the realization of the UNs sustainable development goals.

China has made great contributions to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations, especially in the area of poverty reduction, which exceeds the sum of the rest of the world. Freiberga told our reporter.

Hatoyama Yukio, the former Prime Minister of Japan, said that he hoped that China and the countries along the line would further promote the construction of the one belt and one road and build a cooperation network centered on the Asia Europe continent and uphold the spirit of mutual understanding and mutual help. This will play an important role in safeguarding multilateralism.

Former president Mkapa of Tanzania pointed out that the idea of building a community with a shared future for mankind is of great significance and will contribute to the sustainable development of todays diversified world.

Contribute Chinese wisdom to the reform and construction of global governance system

President Xi Jinping pointed out that at present, global governance is facing a complex situation, and the international order is at a crucial crossroads. In essence, the question of what is going on between multilateralism and unilateralism.

At present, the impact of unilateralism worries many countries. The voice of the international community in supporting multilateralism remains the mainstream, and expanding cooperation and common development are the consensus of all countries in the world. Zhou Zerong, President of the Australia China friendship and Exchange Association and President of the Asia Pacific region of the world leaders alliance, told our reporter, China stands for following the trend of the times and contributing Chinese wisdom to the reform and construction of the global governance system..

During the meeting, President Xi Jinping pointed out that China should prove in its own practice that national strength does not necessarily dominate. First of all, it is determined by Chinas five thousand year historical and cultural tradition. The Chinese people have no gene for expansion and aggression. They adhere to the concept of the world is the same as the world, and the world is public. They dont agree with your thinking of losing and winning, zero sum game. Participants highly agree with this.

China has always advocated that people of all countries have the right to choose development paths that are in line with their own national conditions. No one wants to see a unipolar world full of conflicts. Only through mutually beneficial cooperation can we achieve common prosperity. Freiberga told our reporter.

2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. Danilo Turke, former president of Slovenia and President designate of the world leaders Union, said that China is the country with the largest number of peacekeepers among the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. In the past decades, China has been an important promoter of global development.

Jenny Shipley, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, said that China and the G20 mechanism played an active role in avoiding the further deterioration of the international financial crisis in 2008 and promoted the stability of the international financial system.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria stressed that only peace can create development conditions for African countries, we need multilateralism, we need to improve rule-based global governance.

More opportunities for world development, especially economic globalization

The current international order is not perfect, but it should be reformed and improved on the basis of careful maintenance instead of being overturned and reborn and starting a new business. This conclusion by President Xi Jinping has aroused strong sympathy from foreign guests.

Chinas development model with a deep international perspective can help us achieve the goal of sustainable development. Massimo dalema, the former Prime Minister of Italy, stressed the need to further carry out dialogue in political, economic, cultural and other fields between eastern and Western countries to promote the development of multilateralism. China brings more opportunities for world development, especially economic globalization.

Rosen plevneliev, former president of Bulgaria, told this newspaper that no matter the less developed countries or the rich countries, big countries or small countries, they should play their own role in the multilateral mechanism, and we should be committed to creating new and better cooperation models and trade rules.

Jenny Shipley expressed the hope that in the future international order, countries at different stages of development can equally and fully participate in the decision-making process, and then enjoy more development dividends.