Thai Army receives the first vn-1 and 10 vt-4 tanks

 Thai Army receives the first vn-1 and 10 vt-4 tanks

The Thai Army received the first batch of northern industrial vn-1 wheeled ambulances and matched vs27 armored rescue vehicles (Thai media map)

According to the report of on December 4, on December 3, in chunwuli port, the Thai Army received the first batch of industrial vn-1 wheeled ambulances and matched vs27 armored rescue vehicles from northern China.

The first batch of vn-1 infantry combat vehicles and supporting vehicles delivered is 38, which is the first vn-1 vehicle family ordered by the Thai army in 2017. The armored vehicles were originally scheduled to arrive at suotoi port in chunwuli, Thailand, on November 28, but were delayed for five days due to some circumstances.

In addition to the eight wheeled vehicles, 10 Chinese vt-4 tanks and one tank repair vehicle were delivered to the Thai army at the same time. After receiving the vn-1, the Thai army will carry out routine inspection and repair on the new vehicles. Subsequently, the vn-1 will be sent to Thailand armored Training Center for trial training, and the remaining vn-1 vehicle families will be delivered in the next two years.

Vn-1 is a wheeled infantry combat vehicle developed by Chongqing TieMa factory. Its chassis and weapon configuration are different from the 08 infantry combat vehicle used by itself. It is a special foreign trade product. In terms of weapon configuration, the vn-1 ordered by the Thai army is equipped with a relatively advanced four in one unmanned weapon station, which is equipped with a thermal image anti stabilizing type long mirror, a 40mm grenade launcher, a 7.62mm parallel machine gun, a 30mm high bore press gun and a red arrow 73 launcher. It can realize dynamic shooting.

At the beginning of November this year, Thai Army representatives went to the northern industrial test site to test the vn-1 infantry combat vehicle to be delivered.

Vn-1 infantry fighting vehicle for launching anti tank missile and dynamic to static shooting source: Social Media

The Thai Army originally planned to introduce 500 wheeled vehicles to build a rapid response army in the 21st century. In 2008, Thailand ordered 233 btr-3e wheeled transport vehicles equipped with 30 guns and anti tank missiles from Ukraine, and then won the first batch of Ukrainian armored vehicles until 2011. Because the delivery speed of btr-3e is not satisfactory, its quality and performance also have big problems. The Thai army then turned to China in search of modern wheeled armored vehicles. In 2017, Thailand signed a contract with northern industries to order 38 vn-1 armored vehicles, including 34 infantry vehicles, 2 armored rescue vehicles and 2 maintenance vehicles.

In January this year, the Thai Army ordered 41 additional support and support vehicles with the same chassis, including 3 vn-1 wheeled armored vehicles, 12 vn-1 wheeled self-propelled mortars, 9 vs-27 armored rescue vehicles, 1 mechanical maintenance vehicle, 1 photoelectric maintenance vehicle, 12 vn-1 battalion command vehicles, 3 vn-1 armored ambulances, as well as 30mm shells, 40mm grenades, 120mm mortar shells and training vehicles Simulation equipment and other products.

In the future, the Thai army may continue to purchase more vn-1 armored vehicles to complete the 2017-2021 development plan of the Thai army.

In addition to the wheeled armored vehicles, the Thai army also ordered vt-4 main battle tanks made in China.

On January 14 this year, the Royal Army of Thailand formally applied to the cabinet for 14 vt-4 main battle tanks at a cost of 2.3 billion baht (US $72.5 million, RMB 500 million). Before that, on March 21, 2016, Thailand and China signed an agreement to purchase the first 28 vt-4 main battle tanks. The price of single vehicle was THB 178 million (RMB 38 million). In April and may 2017, the Thai Army increased the order of 10 vt-4. At present, 38 tanks have been delivered in 2017.

Vt-4 publicity photo of Thailand source: Ministry of defense of Thailand

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