Strong vitality and great superiority of peoples democracy

 Strong vitality and great superiority of peoples democracy

The Communist Party of China has further subverted or transformed this cultural tradition creatively. The foundation and starting point of power is no longer heaven, but people. In other words, the people have occupied the logical position of heaven, and the government must administer according to the will of the people. Peoples needs are the starting point of government administration, and peoples yearning for a better life has become the goal of the government. It can be said that whether the people agree or not, whether the people like it or not, and whether the people are satisfied or not have become the criteria for measuring and evaluating government administration.

In December 2, 2019, general secretary Xi Jinping went to the Gubei Civic Center in Hongqiao street, Changning District, Shanghai to investigate community governance and service. He stressed that we are on a path of socialist political development with Chinese characteristics. Peoples democracy is a kind of democracy in the whole process. All major legislative decisions are made in accordance with procedures, through democratic deliberation, through scientific and democratic decision-making. Here, democracy in the whole process accurately expresses the essence and pursuit of Chinese peoples democracy.

From the main body of democracy, Chinas democracy is that all power comes from the people, and everyone has the right to exercise rights and democratic supervision according to law. Chinas democracy is everyones participation, everyones efforts and everyones enjoyment. On the other hand, Chinas democracy is carried out under the unified leadership of the party, and democratic centralism ensures high efficiency. Always representing the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, ensuring that the people are masters of the country, embodying the common will of the people, and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the people are the essential attributes of Chinas national system and national governance system, as well as the basis for the effective operation and vitality of Chinas national system and national governance system.

In terms of the scope of democracy, Chinas democracy is not only reflected in political elections, but also in economic, cultural and social aspects. Chinas democracy is not only that of political election, but also that of micro work and daily life. It can be said that the Chinese people fully share democracy in their jobs; for example, I used to be a principal, and every year I reported to the Congress, and received the consultation and evaluation from the representatives of the Congress. People in some countries have the right to vote, but what else can they do after voting?

In terms of democratic links, all major legislative decisions in China are made in accordance with procedures, through democratic deliberation and through scientific and democratic decision-making. For example, in 2015, more than 20000 people participated in discussions and made suggestions when Beijing formulated the 13th five year plan. In China, the introduction of any policy has to go through repeated argumentation, and it is often part of the experiment to see what problems still exist and how the masses reflect, so that it can be gradually pushed forward. As foreign observers pointed out, the real secret behind Chinas economic vitality is to guide innovation , that is, the central governments policy guides the local policy experiment. Chinas whole process democracy is a real institutional arrangement.

It is this whole process of democracy that guarantees the success of Chinas road. First of all, this system can maximize the enthusiasm of the people. Chinas road is the joint efforts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. Chinas success is not the gift of others, but the result of the hard work of the Chinese people. The people are the creators of history, and social development should rely on the masses in action. Historical activities are the activities of the masses. With the deepening of historical activities, it is bound to be the expansion of the masses. This is what the Chinese people often say, the people are strong, the upper and lower desire wins. Why are the people willing to fight? Because the system guarantees the rights of the people.

Secondly, the democratic system in the whole process agglomerates the wisdom of the people to the maximum extent. In the past, the Chinese used to say, three stinking craftsmen are better than Zhuge Liang.. Of course, the wisdom of millions of people is a very considerable ocean of wisdom. When everyone is active and creative, not only many new ideas appear, but also some unnecessary mistakes can be avoided. The success of Chinas road lies in the full play and exertion of the peoples creativity.

Third, the whole process of democratic system can avoid the adversarial competition of the party, so as to achieve the continuity of the selection of the good and the ability and the cause. Western style democracy is either or, while Chinese democracy is the best choice among all options. Western style democracy makes different parties oppose each other and restrict each other in order to grab power. Chinas deliberative democracy focuses on major issues. This is also true when choosing leaders. The west is party based, while China is the most experienced and capable person in the negotiation process. As a result, Spains vieto ruvedo wrote in the abesai newspaper: the system of meritocracy enables only the best to reach the highest level of the ruling partys power pyramid.

Finally, the whole process of democratic system is conducive to the formation of consensus and joint forces, that is, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Social governance is not a unilateral action, but a process in which all relevant subjects form a joint force through effective integration. Only by building a community of social governance that everyone has responsibility, everyone is responsible and everyone enjoys, can we achieve social harmony, stability and civilization, and then realize national development and prosperity.

In a word, Chinas road and system are the products of Chinas historical tradition and realistic society. Chinas system is suitable for Chinas reality, and the success of Chinas road is enough to prove the remarkable advantages of Chinas system. It is not necessary to perform the same, but to be adequate; it is not necessary to govern the same, but to benefit the people. In the new era, we must adhere to and improve the peoples system of ownership, develop socialist democracy, further improve the modernization level of national governance system and governance capacity, continue to explore the road of socialist social governance with Chinese characteristics in line with Chinas actual conditions and social conditions, realize the self-improvement and self-development of peoples democracy, bring forth new ideas and make progress in stability, so as to make the whole The society is full of vitality while keeping order.