Xinhua News Agency: beware of financial fraud in Majia of blockchain

 Xinhua News Agency: beware of financial fraud in Majia of blockchain

According to the reporters investigation, recently, the speculation group and Mining Group on the Internet have revived after two years of silence, and the discussion on the virtual currency market and transaction is hot.

Some lawbreakers, under the banner of blockchain, promote the promotion of virtual currency and capital disk, equate blockchain technology with virtual currency, and even make comments such as the policy of preventing the risk of token issuance and financing is out of date. Some use chain, mining, IMO and sto to change their names, and carry out illegal financial activities in the guise of Majia of blockchain.

In some third and fourth tier cities, there are various pyramid schemes under the banner of blockchain. They disguise themselves as blockchain technology companies, and open free training courses in the name of so-called blockchain investment experts, and incite the public to seize so-called investment opportunities. The trick is the same as the pyramid selling of health care products. Most people, especially the elderly, dont know much about blockchain and regulatory policies, so they are easy to fall into the trap.

At present, financial regulators in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and other places have introduced measures to regulate virtual currency trading places.

In fact, as early as September 4, 2017, the central bank and other seven ministries and commissions issued the announcement on preventing the financing risk of token issuance, calling for the suspension of direct transactions of virtual currency and the clean-up and rectification of virtual currency trading places. Since then, the domestic large-scale virtual currency exchange has moved into underground operation, moving its main business or servers to overseas. Under strict supervision, virtual currency trading is temporarily in a downturn.

In October 2019, the central government affirmed the important role of blockchain technology in economic development and industrial innovation, and related topics became a hot topic of social concern. The once cooled illegal currency issuing activity took the opportunity to revive.

Mao Hongliang, director of the blockchain Research Office of the state Internet financial security technology expert committee, told reporters that recently illegal activities such as pyramid selling and capital disk use the concept of blockchain and the issuance of virtual currency for packaging, which has nothing to do with blockchain technology itself, involves a lot of funds and causes serious harm.

Three ways to uncover fraud: mining, game and currency issuing

According to the investigation, many fraudulent activities confuse investors with blockchain technology packaging.

u2014u2014Fraud in the name of mining and currency exchange in blockchain. Police in Zhengzhou, Henan Province recently reported a scam involving 1.36 billion yuan and more than 7000 victims.

Gao, the suspect of the fraud Gang, set up Henan Lianxin Technology Co., Ltd., at exchange and other companies to assemble the purchased hard disk, main board and chassis with labels into the so-called mining machine. He lied to his clients that if he purchased the investment mining machine, he could get high returns through currency digging, exchange, trading and other ways. However, when customers buy their mining machine investment in a large amount, the company also freezes the digital currency exchanged by customers on the ground that the trading platform is attacked by hackers, prevents customers from withdrawing cash through backstage operations, and illegally occupies customers funds.

u2014u2014Fraud in the name of blockchain game. Shanghai Pudong internet police released a case of fund fraud of pet keeping in blockchain. The project promises that customers will have 28% of the profits after 15 days of platform acquisition. But in fact, all transactions are controlled by platform personnel, and even the participants are called leeks naked, and finally the company runs away with the money.

u2014u2014Issue air currency and pyramid selling currency in the name of blockchain. In order to attract users flow and capital and improve the scale of transactions, some trading platforms have launched new playing methods such as mining is trading, platform currency and trading platform financing IEO. Some platforms even launch virtual currency such as resonance currency which is suspected of pyramid selling and capital disk.

Many projects have nothing to do with blockchain, but use the concept of blockchain to engage in illegal activities such as pyramid selling and capital disk. Said Mao Hongliang.

Supervision department reminds investors to enhance risk prevention awareness

Recently, the regulatory authorities in Shanghai specially remind investors not to mix blockchain technology with virtual currency. There are multiple risks in the issuance and financing of virtual currency and transactions, including the risks of false assets, business failure, investment speculation, etc. investors should enhance their awareness of prevention and guard against being cheated.

Since 2019, relevant departments have disposed of more than 200 virtual currency trading platforms at home and abroad, closing more than 1 000 related payment accounts, closing nearly 300 WeChat marketing programs and public numbers.

Since 2017, there have been a large number of small and medium-sized virtual currency exchanges with servers set up overseas, and the main customers are domestic investors, a founder of the virtual currency exchange told reporters

The reporter saw that on the virtual currency information collection platform non small, there are about 500 active virtual currency trading markets currently included, and many small exchanges are not included.

Zheng Yushan, head of the East Center for national technology transfer, said that the current regulatory vane is to standardize and purify the development environment of blockchain technology, clean up and prevent private speculation, illegal fund-raising and financial fraud, and ensure the safe and orderly development of real blockchain technology.

Cheng Yu, deputy director of the talent exchange center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that some lawless people swindled and made money in the name of the blockchain project, which caused the societys negative cognition of blockchain technology and hindered the healthy development of technology and industry. We should strengthen supervision and punishment of illegal acts.

Source: Xinhuanet Author: Wang Shujuan, Gao Shaohua, Li Lijing editor: Wang Xiaowu Gu NF