Tian Fu Zhen talks about Gao Yixiangs sudden death: he is a boy with a good personality

 Tian Fu Zhen talks about Gao Yixiangs sudden death: he is a boy with a good personality

Netease Entertainment Daily reported on December 4 that Tian Fuzhen donated 1.2 million Taiwan dollars (about 280000 RMB) to provide better learning and activity space for children with multiple barriers when attending a public welfare activity on December 4, according to Taiwan media. Speaking of Gao Yixiangs sudden death, he said: we should pay attention to our health in all walks of life, especially the recent temperature drop.

She cooperated with Gao Yixiang in 2007 in the idol drama bullfight, do you want to? when it comes to the impression of cooperation, I think he is a boy with a very good family education and personality, and also very dedicated. After seeing the news, I feel reluctant to give up. I also hope that the media can give more space to his family. I also feel that we really need to cherish every day, cherish the present and try our best to do what we want to do.

She started her career for 18 years. She asked for cross annual leave from last year. This year, she didnt take on Cross Annual performances. She plans to take a vacation at home, but also revealed that about 50% of the new album has been prepared. This year, three sisters of S.H.E. set up their own doors and got promoted to be their boss. Ella plans to take colleagues and their families of the whole company to Iceland for holidays. Hebe laments: colleagues of the company should not want to go out with me and see me every day. But next years bonus to employees will not be treated badly. Joking is the number of you are happy, I am happy.

Selina, a good sister, will release the cover song peace of mind on Friday. Previously, it was reported that she had a sweet voice and lost her voice. Hebe was asked if she had listened to the single first. She exclaimed: really? I dont know. I havent heard of her. Its great. Im happy and looking forward to picking up the microphone for my sister.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Hu Mengyao, nk5655