Gao Yunxiangs sexual assault jury disbands and reorganizes the trial, which will come again next year

 Gao Yunxiangs sexual assault jury disbands and reorganizes the trial, which will come again next year

Netease Entertainment reported on December 4 that the jury in Gao Yunxiangs sexual assault case failed to reach an agreement for several days, which resulted in the case being delayed in sentencing. On December 4, according to foreign media reports, the judge in charge of the case thanked the jury for six weeks efforts, announced the dissolution of the jury, and the trial was pushed back to the beginning next year.

The jury has been deliberating for four full days and the evidence has been presented for five full weeks, so she will allow the jury to continue deliberating, the judge said in a December 3 trial. And the jury still needs to try to reach a consensus of 12 people, if not, try to reach a consensus of 11 people. In the end, however, the jury was unable to reach an agreement of 11, so the judge dismissed the jury.

It is reported that Gao Yunxiang and producer Wang Jing have been accused of sexual assault in Sydney, Australia, for more than 20 months. During this period, Wang Jing was kept in a prison in Sydney, while Gao Yunxiang was successfully released on bail with more than 15 million yuan, but he was still restricted in Australia, and his performing arts career was suspended, and he divorced Dong Xuan.

According to the analysis of Shen Hanbing, a famous Chinese lawyer in Australia, according to Australian laws, all the charges of Gao Yunxiang and Wang Jing must be agreed, that is, they agree or disagree. For example, Gao Yunxiang has seven or nine charges, which are listed in turn. The first charge, according to the discussion of the jury, is guilty if they are unanimously found guilty. In the second indictment, if the jury agrees that it is not guilty, the judge will read out each charge in turn. But if there is no way to reach an agreement on any of them, at this time, the judge needs to give a black direction (from a criminal case case case of NSW in 1993) , which is actually a very gentle way to put pressure on the jury, because the judge is not allowed to interfere in the decision of the jury. In theory, the judge needs to Give the jury plenty of time to discuss until they can agree on each charge. However, in case of failure to reach an agreement on each charge, the Blacks instruction will be given to the jury Committee as a legal procedure, and the jury will be informed within a limited scope that in this case, a step back can be allowed, that is, if 11 of the 12 charged juries have a common decision, the judge will also agree and accept the opinions given by the jury. As for the proportion, the judge made it clear in the court today that it could not be made public, because he was worried that the pressure of public opinion might affect the jury. It is a very important link in British and American law to let the jury think and make decisions independently, although it will also consume a lot of energy and money of the state, state government and taxpayers.

In this case, if the ratio of 11:1 can not be reached, a hung jury will appear at this time. When the court finds that there is no way to reach an agreement on the case, it will consider postponing the case, reconstituting the jury, and trying again.

Now, the jury has decided to disband and the reorganization, and Cunnings, Wang Jings acting lawyer, the kings counsel, will definitely ask for bail in the next few days. In this case, Wang Jing is more than 95% likely to be released on bail.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor in charge: Li siou nbj11322