Hong Kong Security Council: since June, 483 police officers have been injured and 100 minors have been charged

 Hong Kong Security Council: since June, 483 police officers have been injured and 100 minors have been charged

Hong Kong police hold regular press conference (information map of Wenhui)

Overseas. Com, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) - according to the latest news from Hong Kong media, the Hong Kong Security Bureau said that as of November 21, Hong Kong police had arrested 5856 people in the practice storm, including 102 young people under the age of 18. In addition, as of 29 November, 483 police officers had been injured in law enforcement operations.

A total of 483 police officers were injured in law enforcement operations from June 9 to November 29, Hong Kong Radio and other Hong Kong media reported Thursday, citing the Hong Kong Security Bureau.

When talking about the specific situation, Li Jiachao, the Secretary for security of Hong Kong, gave some examples of police officers injuries, including serious skin burns caused by gasoline bombs when they were hit by police officers in Tsim Sha Tsui during their duties; severe skin burns caused by drenching corrosive liquid when they were handling conflicts in Tuen Mun; and the period when police officers subdued a demonstrator in Sha Tin Some of the fingers were bitten; some of the police officers were stabbed in the neck with sharp blades by the demonstrators; and some of the police officers were arched through their calves by the demonstrators.

As of November 21, the Hong Kong police arrested 5856 people, including an 11-year-old male, 159 aged 12-14, 742 aged 15-17, 1192 aged 18-20, 1827 aged 21-25, 840 aged 26-30, 602 aged 31-40, 281 aged 41-50 and 212 aged over 50, the Hong Kong Security Bureau said.

In response to a question in writing from members of the Legislative Council, the Security Council also said that 4698 of the detainees were still under investigation, including those who refused to bail and those who were released on bail. 938 of them had completed or were in judicial proceedings and 220 had been released. Among them, 102 were under the age of 18, accounting for about 10.9% of the total number of cases, and 362 were reported as students, accounting for about 38.6% of the total number of cases.

According to Hong Kong media earlier, Deng Bingqiang, the new Commissioner of police of the Hong Kong SAR government, revealed in an interview the injuries of officers of the Hong Kong Police Force in recent months. Deng Bingqiang pointed out that in the past few months, the Hong Kong police have been working for a long time and with high intensity every day, facing difficulties and dangers all the time. However, his colleagues are still fearless of danger and keep their posts tight, which makes him very happy. Im really proud of you.

Talking about his personal background, Deng Bingqiang said that his family would really be worried about him, but he only hoped that the riot could be put down as soon as possible, and that Hong Kong society would be peaceful and peaceful, and then he would go back home safely with his colleagues.

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