Guangzhou reappears the 4-square-meter ground collapse, no casualties

 Guangzhou reappears the 4-square-meter ground collapse, no casualties

There are potholes in the sidewalk collapse, and the construction personnel are working. Picture provided by interviewee

On December 1, there was a road collapse in the construction area of Guangzhou Metro 11, and three people lost contact. As of today (December 4), the rescue continues. Three people have been identified and their families are still waiting.

Today (December 4), it was reported that the road surface of Guangzhou collapsed again.

According to the on-site video, the pavement and sidewalk near an Viaduct collapsed and there were potholes. Some construction workers were working and the surrounding area was blocked.

There are construction workers working in the road collapse area, and the surrounding area is blocked. Picture provided by interviewee

Today (December 4), the reporter of Beijing News learned from the Publicity Department of Panyu District Committee of Guangzhou that the collapsed pavement in the video was the sidewalk in front of the Baojun automobile door on Panyu Avenue in Nancun Town. The incident took place at about 18:00 on December 3, covering an area of about 4 square meters. There was a sewage pipe fracture under the collapse point, with no casualties.

After the incident, Panyu District Party committee and district government asked to do a good job of on-site disposal. Nancun Town safety office, emergency office, fire brigade, traffic police third squadron and water company immediately surrounded the site, and District Water Conservancy Bureau, sewage company and China Railway Construction 12th bureau came to the site to study and determine the cause of the collapse. At the same time, China Railway Construction 12th Bureau mobilized the construction team to backfill the collapse site with concrete and consolidate the foundation. Nancun Town water company carried out sand transportation to block the outlet of the broken sewage pipe. The district sewage company is organizing a professional team to follow up and find out the cause.

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