In case of land subsidence and loss of contact, the loan for the cleaning vehicle shall be repaid before the dispatch of the personnel of the cleaning workers

 In case of land subsidence and loss of contact, the loan for the cleaning vehicle shall be repaid before the dispatch of the personnel of the cleaning workers

Yu Yu, his wife, was still awakened. Shi Wei pointed to his wife for breakfast on the table. Im out. Good.

Three hours later, at 9:28 on December 1, 2019, Shi Wei, 27, and his father, Shi Yi, 51, drove through the bottom of the bridge at the junction of Guangzhou Avenue North and Yu Dongxi road. The road suddenly cracked, causing the father and son to crash into a 38 meter deep pit.

Falling like a plane. Yu Yu said after watching the video.

This is the fourth day of Yu Yus birth.

On December 2, the press office of Guangzhou municipal government announced at a press conference that three people were trapped in the incident when a decontamination vehicle and an electric bicycle passing through the area fell. The accident section is the construction area of Shahe station of line 11.

Today (December 4) in the early morning, Yu Yu updated the dynamic of the circle of friends: I cant sleep all night.

Yu Yu told the Beijing news about the incident. Photo by Jiang pengfeng, reporter of Beijing News

The wife was desperate: thats my car.

At about 11:00 p.m. on December 1, a fellow townsman urgently told Yu Yu Yu on the phone that there was a road collapse near the east-west road of Yu Yu, the dirt removal car of Yu Yu Yus family was trapped, and her husband and father-in-law were in the car. At first, Yu Yu heard the time of the incident as 9 oclock last night. She also asked the villagers if they had made a mistake.

However, she later learned from her hometowns phone that the time of the incident was 9 a.m. on the same day, and now the roads nearby were sealed. When she heard that the road had collapsed, her first reaction was that the cars tires got stuck.

Yu Yu left the child who was just full moon to his friends to take care of him. He hurried to the place where he left off. At the same time, he kept calling his husband and father-in-law, but he didnt get through.

About two and a half hours after the incident, she arrived at the foot of the overpass, a huge pit, which shocked her head.

Yu Yus first reaction was to find someone in the pit: but I cant find it. Its too wide. All I see is yellow soil.

She then saw from a photo on her friends mobile phone that an hour or two ago, a yellow dirt truck was still outside the Loess - the vehicle fell into the pit at an almost vertical angle into the loess, revealing about a third of the rear of the car. Another blurred picture shows a mans upper body in the direction of the roof, with gloves on both hands.

She also watched two videos of the incident provided by her friend: in one video, a large pit appeared around the pedestrian crossing under the viaduct after the road collapsed, and the soil on the road continued to sink into the pit, and the area of the pit became larger; in another video, a large yellow car fell into the pit with the asphalt and sand.

Yu Yu began to despair: thats my car.

Family members are still waiting for the rescue results

At that time, Chen Junqing, the instructor of Shahe fire brigade who participated in the rescue, introduced at the press conference that at 9:46 on December 1, the firefighters arrived at the scene and collapsed again when preparing for the rescue. At 9:47, firefighters could no longer see the vehicles and the trapped people in the collapse. The head of the blue sky rescue team also said that when the rescue workers arrived at the scene, there was no trace of the trapped people and vehicles, and the water overflowed from the ground.

At noon on December 1, Yu Yu, accompanied by a fellow townsman, stood outside the cordon for a long time. In the meantime, she saw several cement tankers and booms close to the pit, so she proposed to the site security personnel that they would enter the site again to check the rescue situation, which was blocked by the security personnel.

On the night of the incident, the reporter of Beijing News entered the scene and saw that the incident was located directly under an overpass at the junction of Guangzhou Avenue North and Yu Dongxi road. The collapse pit is approximately elliptical, occupying at least three lanes, with a diameter of more than 10 meters. The intersection under the bridge has been closed. As of 1:30 a.m. on December 2, the slope in the collapsed area has been basically stable after preliminary reinforcement measures, according to the official microblog of Guangzhou Metro. According to the rescue plan, steel casings will be installed in the collapsed area to form a rescue channel and dig down to find the trapped people.

On December 3, it can be seen that the ground has been basically backfilled and the steel casing extends vertically to the underground. Photo by Liu Haonan, reporter of Beijing News

Up to the time of publication, Yu Yu, his family and fellow villagers were still anxiously waiting for the rescue results.

The couple didnt plan to stay in Guangzhou before

In Yu Yus impression, husband Shi Wei and Gonggong Shi Yi are like a mold printed out of wood. They dont like talking. Yu Yus brother also felt that his brother-in-law, Shi Wei, was practical and didnt have much money, but he was willing to work hard.

Introduced by friends, Shi Wei and Yu Yu met in October 2013. The next day, Shi Wei calls Yu Yu to play. Shi Weis sincerity and consideration moved Yu Yu, who was 3 years younger than him, and they naturally got together.

At that time, Shi Yi had worked in Guangzhou for many years and set up a cleaning company. In the middle of 2014, Shi Wei came to Guangzhou from his hometown of Xinshao in Hunan Province to join his father. In March 2015, Yu Yu also came to Guangzhou to join her husband, aiming to make more money and save more money.

Shi Wei raised more than 300000 yuan to buy a decontamination vehicle by cash out with credit card and borrowing from friends. Before the incident, Shi Wei had basically paid off the money.

Every morning, Shi Wei or Shi Yi drive the car, followed by Yu Yu, to transfer the septic tank sewage to the community, school and other places around Shahe, Tianhe District. The work of the three people is mainly to build pipelines to absorb the sewage from the septic tank and transfer it to the treatment station. The working time is arranged according to the needs of surrounding sewage treatment. They basically go out early and come back late. They work about 9 hours a day.

Its bitter, dirty and smelly, but when my family is together and my own company, I still feel hopeful. Yu Yu said that the three people rent a small house of about 20 square meters, with a monthly rent of about 1000 yuan. After deducting these expenses, they earn more than when they work in their hometown.

They were planning to return to their hometown in a few years, because the house price in Guangzhou was too expensive. The foundation of the house in my hometown has been laid.

In April 2019, Shi Wei and Yu Yu get married. After Yu Yu became pregnant, Shi Wei gave his wifes car work to his father.

If it wasnt for my confinement, it would have been me. Yu Yus tears kept falling on the hand holding his knee.

In Yu Yus circle of friends, there are still art photos taken with Shi Wei a few months ago. Shi Wei is wearing a white shirt, cutting short and neat hair, supporting Yu Yu Yus pregnant stomach, smiling and watching Yu Yu Yu, who has put on delicate make-up. The caption is Im lucky to love you and come for you for the rest of my life.

When the Shi Wei family worked. Picture provided by interviewee

Relatives and friends care about the whereabouts of the lost

On December 2, the news that Shi Wei and Shi Yi were trapped spread all over the villagers. Yu Yu boarded her husbands wechat and saw hundreds of wechat messages. Her husbands friends were asking about their safety, hoping to get a response.

The car fell down. I dont know how they got through it. Yu Yu said with tears.

Sugar sugar, the daughter in her arms, cried loudly. Yu Yu kissed her daughters face and comforted her gently: baby, are you missing dad?

Whether a man is dead or alive, he must see. Yu Yu said that he still did not know the situation of his father-in-law and husband, and hoped to get the information in time.

The road collapse area is still under siege. Yu Yu and his relatives and friends are still waiting for news from their husband and father-in-law in this big city more than 600 kilometers away from their hometown.

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