Five horns appear on womens forehead after injection

 Five horns appear on womens forehead after injection

Leng is 38 years old from Huanggang. When she looked in the mirror last month, she found a few light wrinkles on her forehead. The more she looked, the older she felt. It is said that Botox injection can make wrinkles disappear. She went to many hospitals for consultation. When she learned that an injection would cost two or three thousand yuan, she felt sad again. According to a friend, she went to a beauty salon last week. After bargaining, the clerk took out a bottle of medicine and told her that it was an imported Botox. It only cost 600 yuan to inject. Ms. Leng thought the price was very cost-effective, so she accepted the injection.

Unexpectedly, in the early morning of the next day, she got up to look in the mirror and found five little drums on her forehead. At night, the five drums were higher and the color was obviously darker, just like five horns on her forehead, which made her anxious. After enduring for a few days, Bao didnt mean to disappear. So early on the morning of the 2nd, she packed herself tightly and went straight to Wuhan to seek treatment in Central South Hospital of Wuhan University.

Huang Lei, deputy chief physician of the plastic and cosmetic department of the hospital, after careful face-to-face consultation and examination, suspected that she had skin allergy and rejection reaction caused by injection of unknown drugs. Through anti allergy and anti scar treatment, these bags can be smoothed, but the black brown deposition left on the forehead will take about 1 year to basically recover.

Botox injection is a relatively popular micro plastic project in recent years. The process seems very simple, but in fact, there are strict requirements for drug specifications, operation skills and injection environment. Huang Lei said that in order to meet the low-cost needs of some citizens, some beauty salons or beauty studios use unknown drugs or even fake and shoddy products for injection, which not only fails to have the effect of beauty and wrinkle removal, but also is likely to have adverse reactions such as skin allergy, rejection and even disfigurement. Huang Lei reminded that botulinum toxin injection, like any injection operation, is a medical behavior. Botulinum toxin injection in beauty salons and studios without medical qualification is a great risk. Beauty lovers should not make injection decisions just based on the price. If they want to carry out such micro plastic surgery, they must choose a regular medical institution.

(reporter Chen Lingyan, correspondent Li Han)

Source: responsible editor of Chutian Metropolis Daily: Geng Yiwen, nj6040