Ideal cars response to the identity of the executee: Lifans old debt has nothing to do with itself

 Ideal cars response to the identity of the executee: Lifans old debt has nothing to do with itself

However, for the event that ideal automobile was listed as the executor twice in a row, Lifan Group didnt give relevant explanations and opinions.

On December 2, Chongqing ideal intelligent manufacturing Automobile Co., Ltd. added two pieces of information about the person to be enforced, with the cumulative amount of the subject matter of execution exceeding 35.23 million yuan. The executive courts are all the first intermediate peoples Court of Chongqing.

This is not the first time that the company has been listed as the executee, which is less than 1 month since the company was last listed as the executee.

It is reported that the person to be executed this time is Chongqing ideal Intelligent Automobile Co., Ltd., with the execution targets of 9.9525 million yuan and 25.2815 million yuan respectively. In the last time, the execution target was 1622600 yuan.

According to the public information, Chongqing ideal Intelligent Automobile Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2003 with a registered capital of 546 million yuan. Its legal representative is Shen Yanan, the co-founder and President of ideal automobile. Its business scope includes automobile technical services, internal combustion engine technical services, import and export of goods, etc.

And the company is actually Lifan car before selling. As early as last year, Lifan Group has set a price of 650 million yuan and sold 100% of Lifans equity to ideal automobile, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CHEHE. In addition, the old debts involved by Lifan Group are also sold to ideal automobile, which is the direct reason why ideal automobiles subsidiaries are listed as executors.

Although Lifans old debt does not affect the ideal car for the time being, the life of the ideal car is still difficult. At present, the financing amount of ideal automobile has reached 1.575 billion US dollars (about 11.1 billion yuan), but as of the first half of this year, the operating revenue of ideal automobile is about 5.2776 million yuan, the net profit is about 629 million yuan, the total assets is about 5.841 billion yuan, and the total liabilities are 931 million yuan. The whole ideal automobile is still in a state of loss.

Source: editor in charge of fast technology: Yang bin_nf4368