Trillion level industries usher in new outlets, the main force has quietly distributed leading stocks

 Trillion level industries usher in new outlets, the main force has quietly distributed leading stocks

Micro LED display Summit Forum official said that this forum will discuss the technical route and application prospect of micro led, and analyze the development opportunities of micro led in the background of 5g + 8K era.

Touch display research forecasts that the global display market is expected to grow from $150 billion in 2019 to $228 billion in 2028. Societe Generale Securities pointed out that micro LED is about to enter the stage of industrialization from commercialization. At present, LCD and OLED are the main display markets. However, if micro LED can solve the problem of high manufacturing cost, it has a good chance to bring significant changes to the display market.

Micro LED is called the future star of display technology. In terms of chip size, micro LED is generally less than 50 microns. Micro LED is better than OLED in response speed, contrast and color saturation. It is considered to be a technology that can shake the position of OLED. It is mainly used in the display screen of TV, watch, mobile phone and virtual reality. At present, including apple, Google, Samsung and other large factories have invested in the research and development of micro led.

Since the acquisition of micro LED display manufacturer in 2014, Apple has been exploring the application and industrialization of micro led, obtaining many related patents of micro LED technology, and may launch micro LED glasses for the first time next year.

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Among the domestic listed companies, panel manufacturers such as BOE, Shenzhen Tianma, TCL, etc. are actively participating in relevant research and development, and regard it as a key development direction in the future.

Specifically, BOE started mass production of micro OLED panels in Kunming, Yunnan Province in October. In May this year, BOE demonstrated innovative technologies and solutions such as 0.39 inch micro oledar with the worlds highest 5644 PPI at the international display week. BOE is now using it in Ar / VR glasses, UAV goggles, projectors and other products, and will strive to supply micro OLED to Huawei, Dajiang, Xiaomi, etc.

In the context of the continuous downturn in the stock market, BOE a recently frequently received a substantial increase in its main capital positions. Within seven trading days, the net inflow of main capital exceeded 3.2 billion yuan.

TCL group released a sample micro LED TV in September with a screen size of 132 inches.

Sanan optoelectronics is the leader of LED chips, saying that the progress of micro led research and development has achieved concrete results. On July 29, Sanan optoelectronics launched the industrialization project of mini led and micro LED chips with a total investment of 12 billion yuan, and will accelerate the opportunity of mass production and shipment.

Huacan optoelectronics is also increasing investment in new technology research and development, and has achieved preliminary results in cooperation with famous manufacturers in the research and development of micro led projects.

On May 26 of this year, Ruifeng photoelectric announced the latest progress of the new generation of u03bc LED display technology georgoli K2 series. This product is a full u03bc LED chip package, which realizes another innovation breakthrough of u03bc LED display module technology with the lowest point spacing density in the world.

Guoxing optoelectronics has rich technical reserves in the field of micro led, and has successfully developed Mini led, micro led and purple light chips, and imported customer samples.

This year, Lehman photoelectricity released a large-scale micro led modular 8K display with cob advanced technology, which can meet the needs of ultra-high definition intelligent display in 5g era.

Micro LED has become a new outlet of display industry. However, the overall production yield is still low, micro led size continues to shrink, and the high cost leads to slow progress in marketing. There are still many challenges in the process of commercialization and mass production. Apple and its partners developed Mini led and micro led at the same time, but micro led encountered difficulties in the process of development, so it changed to the more mature Mini LED technology. However, when the conditions are mature, it is very likely to upgrade to microled.

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