The 9-day chip concentration of this stock has increased by more than 17percent to enter the typical bull market

 The 9-day chip concentration of this stock has increased by more than 17percent to enter the typical bull market

According to the monitoring of chips in the previous period (November 20) by databao, the overall performance of these shares has been slightly better than that of the Shanghai stock index since November 11, with 48% of the chips in the stock market gaining excess returns.

Statistics show that in the latest stage of chips, there are 141 shareholders whose number of shares has declined, 25 of which have declined by more than 5%. The largest decline in the number of shareholder accounts is one network one creation. The latest number of shareholder accounts is 12155. The number of shareholder accounts dropped by 18.13% in 9 days (compared with the number of shareholder accounts on November 20, the same below). Since the chip concentration, the stock has fallen by 7.41% in total and the cumulative turnover rate is 79.76%. During this period, the net outflow of main funds is 84.4259 million yuan.

Perfect world is closely behind, with the latest number of shareholders of 22370, down 17.34% in 9 days. Since the chip concentration, the stock has risen 0.42% in total, and the cumulative turnover rate is 15.84%. Todays intraday share price has broken through a new high in recent three years, just entering a typical bull market pattern.

In terms of market performance, the latest concentration of chips has fallen 1.42% on average since November 21, beating the market. However, the performance of individual stocks is quite different. The share prices of FAW sedan, * ST Zhongrong, Huatian Hotel, etc. have increased by more than 10%, and FAW sedan is the best one, with a cumulative increase of 24.34% since the concentration of chips in this period. Although the number of shareholders of Wanda information and Tangyuan Electric has been rapidly concentrated, the share prices have declined significantly. In terms of industry, among the chips concentration stocks, machinery and equipment, medicine and biology, electronics and other industries are most concentrated, with 16 stocks, 14 stocks and 14 stocks on the list respectively.

In terms of performance, the market paid more attention to the whole years performance forecast in the final month. In the latest stage of chip concentration stocks, 15 of them predicted their performance in 2019 in advance. According to the type of performance forecast, there are 10 in advance and 2 in advance.

In terms of the median growth rate of the expected net profit, the highest growth rate is Siyuan electric. The company initially expects the stable growth of sales revenue, resulting in the corresponding increase of the companys net profit. The annual net profit change range is from 442 million yuan to 589 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 50% to 100%. China Merchants Securities said in the research report that the companys annual performance is expected to continue to exceed expectations. The traditional business benefits from a new round of ultra-high pressure construction and overseas expansion. In the medium term, it can still maintain stable development, and provide strong cash flow support. It has strong potential to cultivate new and potential extension businesses, and the companys future operation is expected to be more dynamic.

Intel Group expects to achieve a net profit of 130 million yuan to 170 million yuan in the whole year, a year-on-year increase of 38.52% to 81.14%. The main reasons for the increase in performance are the increase in operating revenue of the company and the substantial increase in asset disposal income due to the demolition of No. 1 property in Pinglian road owned by the subsidiary Zhejiang inte Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It is estimated that the median increase of net profit is more than 50%, including berry gene, Shiyuan stock, China Resources 39, etc.

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Source: Dabao editor in charge: Yang bin_nf4368