70 years after the founding of NATO, the future of low-key Member States is unpredictable

 70 years after the founding of NATO, the future of low-key Member States is unpredictable

Information chart: on December 2 local time, President trump of the United States set out from the White House and left for London to attend the NATO summit. Photo by Chen Meng, reporter of China News Agency

According to reports, the heads of 29 countries of NATO gathered in the northern suburbs of London this week for a meeting, but NATO spokesmen tried to avoid using the word summit, because the formal summit just opened in 2018, but this time only the leaders met, exchanged views, and finally did not issue a formal announcement.

In recent years, some major members of NATO, such as the United States, France and Turkey, have criticized it, and there has been internal strife. Coupled with the brexit, the 70th anniversary of NATO is so low-key and intriguing.

America with the biggest grievance

President trump of the United States has the most resentment and criticism against NATO. When he ran for president in 2016, he was outspoken, saying NATO was archaic and that he would not be upset if the organization were dissolved.

On December 2 local time, President trump of the United States, who is going to attend the NATO summit in London, said that the United States has borne additional expenses for some NATO members who are in arrears in military expenditure, and he will discuss this issue at the summit. Photo by Chen Meng, reporter of China News Agency

Trump also hinted that the United States may not comply with the provisions to protect the Allies under attack, or even withdraw from NATO. One of his major complaints, the report said, was that the United States paid the most in NATO. Its not fair, its not acceptable..

According to 2018 data, 70% of NATOs total defense spending is borne by the United States; in 2014, all NATO members agreed to increase their defense spending to 2% of GDP by 2024, but so far few countries are close to the target.

Whats wrong with Turkey?

A big difference within NATO is due to Turkey. In October 2019, Turkey launched an attack on Kurdish forces in northern Syria. The move created divisions within NATO.

The EU has frozen arms sales to Turkey. Britain, France and Spain all have dual membership of NATO and the European Union, and they are also among the countries with the largest arms sales to Turkey. Turkey is a senior member of NATO, but it has military ties with Russia and has created tensions.

Profile: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Photographed by Sheng Jiapeng, a reporter from China News Agency

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has signed an order with Moscow to buy a missile defense system, the S-400, despite American opposition. While the United States has been trying to sell its Patriot air defense system to Turkey for many years, Erdogans demand for technology transfer stalled negotiations. With technology, Turkey can develop its own defense system. The Obama administration, then president of the United States, refused to accept the offer.

Ankara therefore turned to Moscow and the negotiations went smoothly. In order to exclude Turkey from the joint R & D of F-35 fighter, the United States argued that the S-400 military purchase transaction might provide Moscow with access to sensitive F-35 information.

But it is more embarrassing that there are NATO bases and US air bases in Turkey, which are in the South and close to the Syrian border. Whats more, only five European NATO countries have US military nuclear bases, and Turkey is one of them.

France criticizing NATOs brain death

In an interview with the economist, French President Marcon used the word brain death when talking about NATO, and expressed concern about the half hearted attitude of the United States.

Photo: French President Marcon. Photographed by Li Yang, reporter of China News Agency

He mentioned that Washingtons decision to withdraw from Syria had not informed NATO. He doubted whether the basic principle of NATOs one man attacking all to defend the enemy still existed. He said that in view of the U.S. swing position, NATO should reassess the situation and Europe must strive for autonomy in terms of military strategy and capabilities.

After the interview, markrons relationship with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, an ally of the European Union and NATO, became awkward, Chen said. The New York Times revealed that Merkel complained to markron: you keep smashing the cup, and I keep putting it back together, not so that we can all sit down and have a cup of tea.

The trouble of brexit

Britain is making matters worse. The meeting of NATO leaders on the northern outskirts of London, just a week before the UKs early election, is extremely unpredictable. And brexit. The brexit agreement is still in the air.

Infographic: British Prime Minister Johnson.

According to reports, if there is no agreement to leave Europe, or the terms of brexit are more severe than expected, the resulting hostility and resentment may be brought into NATO.

In addition, NATO has 22 EU members, Britain is out of Europe. What ideas and actions will other EU members have?

How can NATO break away from confusion and find its own future? Its not known yet. As time said, NATOs future seems more uncertain than ever.

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