Russian Navy escorts the merchant fleet in the pirate haunted waters of the Gulf of Aden

 Russian Navy escorts the merchant fleet in the pirate haunted waters of the Gulf of Aden

According to the Russian satellite news agency website on December 3, Roman maltov, a spokesman for the Russian Navys Baltic Fleet, said that the long-range fleet sent by the fleet had started to escort commercial ships composed of civilian ships in a dangerous area of the Gulf of Aden where pirates were in and out.

According to the report, the long-distance fleet, composed of the frigate Jaroslav the wise man of the Russian navy, the tugboat Victor konetsky and the tanker yelnia, left the Russian local military port on October 1 and sailed to the Indian Ocean.

Russian ships began to escort civilian ships sailing from the Red Sea to the Arabian Sea, maltov said. The merchant fleet, escorted by the Russian navy, consists of three civilian vessels, each of which is escorted.

He pointed out that the escorted civilian ships will arrive at the designated location in the Arabian Sea in a few days, and the Russian naval fleet completed water and fuel supply in the Red Sea earlier, and carried out pre inspection and anti-terrorism exercises.

According to the long-distance mission plan, the Russian fleet will arrive at the port of mormugang in India on December 10, where it will participate in the maritime exercise of the Russian Indian joint military exercise indra-2019 for the first time, the report said.

Frigate Yaroslav of the Russian Navy (website of the Russian Ministry of Defense)

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