The social diseases of adults are quiet

 The social diseases of adults are quiet

Some people say that the more successful the film is, the more patients there are in this society.

Yi Zhongtian wrote an impressive film review: the most touching thing in the film is that Chen Nian and Xiaobei huddle together to keep warm, just like two helpless little animals licking each others wounds. Its not a hindrance, its an eternal topic. No one can avoid being bullied or wronged.

in truth. No matter what stage of life, we may suffer from hostility from this society, some unfriendly labels, and disease without warning.

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In the previous hot topic Korean girls without makeup, Lina suffered from a disease when she was a child, and she took some hormones during the operation. Since then, she has been unable to control her weight, because she is ridiculed for being fat and ugly.

Lina tries to improve the status quo through makeup, but after makeup, she is still attacked by other peoples vicious remarks.

For a time she was depressed, afraid to go out, afraid to socialize.

Later, she found that she could never control others eyes. Only when you dont live in the sight of others and be yourself, can you live like an individual.

So she wakes up from the pain, and Lina uploads a video to take off her make-up and record her feelings along the way. The video unexpectedly received super high playback volume, and a plain face movement began.

Before, I just wanted to buy all kinds of cosmetics and worry about how to make myself beautiful, Lina said. Now, I pay more attention to my future. I become more fond of reading.

The world of adults, many of them. They are in a thousand positions. Can only swallow blood and tears, while sick, while suffering.

Just like Lina finally understood: make-up and beauty should not be a heavy shackle in a girls heart. Only to live a good life is the best counterattack against all hostility and unfriendliness.

Whether its the malice of others or the difficulties of life, if you want to make your own people live a beautiful life, you have to survive.

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The world of adults

Sick and moving forward

Recently, many people began to sigh that 2019 is quietly coming to an end.

In the face of the reality of the river, another group of adults began to face the crisis of middle-aged half slope. They were at a loss and lacked a sense of security. There are also more and more adults in front of the pressure of 996, deeply feeling the physical and mental fatigue and lack of motivation in this year.

A few days ago, in the early morning, Z updated a circle of friends: there were employees before, family after, but the capital chain will be broken. After a while it was deleted. The next morning there was a new development: hold on, it means everything.

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People used to say that the brilliance of the circle of friends is the most unreal, but sometimes you will find that the real life is hidden in the circle of friends, especially in the late night. A lot of people break down in the middle of the night, and the next day its all the same.

I think of a piece of news that caused netizens hot discussion not long ago: a woman broke down and cried when she stopped at the side of the road during the rush hour.

After the traffic police inquired, they learned that the woman had just got her drivers license. She was not familiar with the road conditions and could not find her way home.

And behind her crying and helplessness: she had been working for two weeks in a row, and that day, she finally got off work on time. She wanted to go home early to cook a meal, but she was stuck in the road.

Later, under the comfort of the traffic police, she dried her tears, picked up her mood and went home under the guidance of the traffic police.

In his life, the writer Maupassant wrote: I think that peoples vulnerability and strength are beyond their imagination. Sometimes, I may be so vulnerable that tears run down my face when I say a word. Sometimes, I find myself biting my teeth and walking a long way.

The world of adults, most of them are sick while trying to move forward. Because they understand that it is the normal life to mount a mountain with heavy load; they know better that without hard work, time will not reach you.

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Adults who go far

All have super healing power

The reality and cruelty of life are often unavoidable. But the safest way is not to avoid, but to move forward and heal.

Just like Chen Nian and Xiao Bei in young you finally walk under the sun one by one;

Lina, the Korean girl who didnt make up, finally came out of depression. Although she would still be attacked, she didnt care so much anymore. In addition, many girls began to join the plain sports.

The friend who chose to hold on finally updated a dynamic in the circle of friends and shared the excitement of going through the difficulties.

The adult world, faced with many difficulties, needs to cross itself. Fortunately, along the way, the heavier the burden, the lighter the weight and fearlessness. When a person doesnt care about the hurt from others, others cant hurt themselves, no longer fear the difficulty of life, and wont be defeated by life. Those who go far, have super healing power.

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In the first half of life, you can carry on the load, and in the second half of life, you can be quiet. The best life experience is not to yearn for a smooth and smooth journey, but to let yourself have a full sense of security and endless motivation for the rest of life.

Its like a brand new Lei Ling that can wake up the vitality and make you not lonely on the way ahead.

No matter the road is muddy or stormy, the most stable road and the most beautiful experience will always be in the next kilometer of life.

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