Ancelotti and the Napoli team after class to Arsenal?

 Ancelotti and the Napoli team after class to Arsenal?

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Ancelotti held an hour of talks with the players in the dressing room after the home defeat to Bologna. He asked the whole team to restore confidence, fighting spirit and sense of responsibility. Ancelotti also decided that the whole team of Napoli will start the closed training on Wednesday, and it is possible to continue the training until after the Champions League group match in the middle of next week.

On November 5, the president of Napoli, de Laurentius, also announced that the whole team would be closed for training, but at that time, Napoli players and Ancelotti themselves were opposed to doing so, and after the game, the collective mutiny refused to return to their home for training. That has led to an open conflict between Napoli players and senior management, with President Laurentius fined players 25 to 50 per cent of their monthly salary. Then the team has been in a deep trough, and Ancelottis attitude has changed, from opposing training to supporting training.

However, Gazzetta dello Sport pointed out that Ancelottis announcement of a closed training session annoyed the players, and now he has lost the support of the Napoli dressing room. Chairman De Laurentiis is very dissatisfied with the teams recent achievements, and believes that the current ranking is not in line with the teams strength, and the players desire to win in the game is also very low. De Laurentiis believes Napoli need to change, but he cant fire all the players, so he has begun to consider changing.

If Napoli continue to underperform in the next two games against Udinese and Henk, Ancelotti could be out of class. Napoli are ready to invite former Milan star Gattuso to replace Ancelotti and coach the team until the end of the season. In addition to Napoli, Fiorentina also intend to invite Gattuso to coach. Before that, Fiorentina suffered three consecutive defeats in Serie A, and coach Montella has a high voice of leaving class. But with Fiorentina winning 2-0 in the Coppa Italia this week, Montellas pressure has eased.

This means that Ancelotti could be fired as soon as possible after the Champions League group match against Henk on December 10, and Napoli only need one point in the final round of the Champions League group match to ensure the qualification. However, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, at present the relationship between Ancelotti and the whole team can not be restored. Even if Napoli are promoted from the Champions League, Ancelotti may still be dismissed. Of course, as the worlds top coach, Ancelotti will not be short of home even after class. Sky sports has revealed that Arsenal regard Ancelotti as one of the candidates for the new manager.

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