Bernabeu is booed. Bells smile. Pike also speaks in Bell style

 Bernabeu is booed. Bells smile. Pike also speaks in Bell style

After the bell incident, bell played two consecutive home games as a substitute. As Bell got up to warm up, Bernabeu quickly hissed at him. While bell was jogging, some fans even pointed at him and shouted at him. Bell responded with a smile of ecstasy.

Real Madrid didnt play this week and Zidane gave the players three days off after the last round. Yesterday, the whole team of Real Madrid started training again, but bell didnt participate in the team training, he just stayed in the gym. Whats wrong with bell? Is he hurt again? There is no relevant report at present.

Yesterday, pique attended the annual award ceremony of gatai. He also mischievously used Bells body: football, football, football, in this order. Because of the Davis Cup, it seems that multimedia thinks Im distracted, but I think its compatible with football. My love for Barcelona is sacred and I will love it until the day I retire. As long as I am healthy, I will continue to compete in Barcelona. Playing for Barcelona every day has always been my dream

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