Guoping completes the most stringent KPI in history ahead of time Liu Guoliang can get paid

 Guoping completes the most stringent KPI in history ahead of time Liu Guoliang can get paid

As for the assessment score, Liu Guoliang disclosed that he had made two versions, the previous version and gridline version were 10000 points (total score 15000 points). Later, after the scores of the group world cup and Asian Championships were increased, the total score reached 18000 points, and the assessment score line was also increased by 2000 points.

The China Table Tennis Association divides the nine assessment events into three levels and sets up corresponding points. It is worth mentioning that the coaching team can only get points if they win the championship. If the champion is absent, the score will be zero.

The total score of 9 events is 18000, and the grid line is 12000. Only the coaches who reach the grid line can get the basic salary. Below 12000 points, the coaching staff will be punished, and in addition to 50% of the basic salary, the head coach and team leader will be reduced to one level. When the score is between 12000-14000, the China Table Tennis Association will evaluate or adjust the coaching team according to the situation, and only when the score is over 14000 can the team get the reward. As the first person in charge, Liu Guoliang also said that if he fails to complete the task, he will be punished for his annual salary.

In this assessment system, the world championships, the group world cup and the Asian Championships involving the group seats in the Tokyo Olympic Games are the first level, with a total score of 11000. As the most important part of the assessment system, Budapest World Table Tennis Championships is particularly crucial. In the end, Ma Long and Liu Shiwen won the singles title respectively, Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen won the mixed doubles title, and the national table tennis team successfully got 6000 points.

The only time that the national table tennis team missed in the whole year was in the China open, losing the mixed doubles champion. In that stop, the national table tennis team temporarily adjusted the mixed doubles list before the competition, and Xinwen LianBo was split. Xu xingai partnered with Chen Meng, and the two finally stopped the second round. Fan Zhendong / Ding Nings combination stopped the qualification competition. The mixed doubles champion belonged to Lin Yunru / Zheng Yijing, a Chinese Taipei combination.

Up to now, the national table tennis team has finished 8 of its 9 assessment events in the whole year, and the final final of the International Table Tennis League tour will be held in Zhengzhou next week. At present, the total scores of the mens and womens national table tennis teams are 16500 points, not only completing the standard line of 12000 points, but also exceeding the reward line of 14000 points.

When it comes to the assessment standard of the coaching team with a full score of 18000, objectively speaking, it seemed to be strict, full of pressure and challenges at that time. But in the current season is not over, and strategic choice of some games, men and women have reached the reward line Liu Guoliang said that the performance of the national table tennis team from coach to players was within their expectations, or better than expected.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Lu Ting, ns5242