From the president of CUHK: Hong Kong government helps to deal with dangerous goods and hopes to repair the campus as soon as possible

 From the president of CUHK: Hong Kong government helps to deal with dangerous goods and hopes to repair the campus as soon as possible

Duan Chongzhi, President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. (source: Star Island daily) December 4 Duan Chongzhi, President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), sent a message to teachers, students and alumni on March 3, saying that he has continued to work and that the government departments are also assisting in handling CUHK dangerous goods. He hopes that the campus can be restored as soon as possible. Since the practice disturbance, a series of improper words and deeds of Duan Chongzhis ineffective school guardians and laissez faire thugs have caused serious dissatisfaction from all walks of life in Hong Kong.

According to the official website of CUHK on March 3, Duan Chongzhi sent an open letter to all staff of CUHK, saying only that in the past few weeks, there have been a series of impact events on the campus, which is a very difficult period for Chinese adults, and he did not mention his responsibilities in a series of events. Duan Chongzhi said that he hoped the campus would be restored as soon as possible. After the relevant departments of the university had inspected and assessed the risks, they had arranged front-line colleagues to clean up, handle dangerous goods with the assistance of government departments, remove and repair the damaged school bus. Duan introduced that the academic affairs department has contacted the colleges to discuss academic arrangements, understand the needs and opinions of students and teachers, and make appropriate adjustments and support.

November 12 chaos in Hong Kong (source: East grid)

Since the practice storm, the rioters have been rampant, especially in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Chinese University and other campuses. The rioters occupy the campus of CUHK, set up roadblocks in CUHK, attack the police officers with gasoline bombs, hard objects, bows and arrows, signal bombs, etc., threatening the life safety of the police officers on duty. Police later confirmed that in the clashes at the Chinese University alone, it was initially estimated that the rioters had hurled hundreds of petrol bombs at the police. Since then, the police have also found 4000 petrol bombs and related highly corrosive dangerous goods in CUHK.

In response, Duan Chongzhi, the president of CUHK, denounced Hong Kong police for using improper violence against students on the one hand of CUHK students. Many police associations in Hong Kong wrote to Duan Chongzhi at that time, saying that Duan had no doubt about the students accusations against the police and did not mention the serious crimes they were suspected of before they were arrested. The Police Association believes that it is the fundamental of scientific spirit to prove and seek truth, and Duan Chongzhi, as a scientist, even ignores such an important principle. The letter said that Duan Chongzhi, as the president of the University, should guide the illegal students to bear the legal responsibility for their faults, rather than cover them up in the name of the University and its credibility, which is self destruction of the Universitys credibility.

Dangerous goods seized by the police on the campus of CUHK. (source: Wenhui)

With the resumption of operation of hkcuhk campus on November 25, the restoration of the campus was put on the agenda. According to media reports, CUHK proposed to apply to the SAR government for huge funds to repair the campus destroyed by the rioters. The news stunned Hong Kong taxpayers, who said they wanted to ask Duan Chongzhi, President of CUHK: who should pay for CUHKs maintenance?

On November 26, the government of the Hong Kong SAR withdrew the funding for the renovation of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong, totaling more than 250 million Hong Kong dollars (about 220 million yuan). Because some members expressed concern about the two projects, the government decided to withdraw the funding so that the food and Health Bureau could have more time to explain to members.