The man and five women fall in love at the same time, cheating nearly one million people a year to make two pregnant

 The man and five women fall in love at the same time, cheating nearly one million people a year to make two pregnant

Many girls fall in love with the same person

The process of communication is very similar

Its said that online love has risks, so you need to be careful when making friends. But in real life, when a man and a woman meet with each other, their behavior is extremely abnormal, which needs to be kept in mind. No, many women in Hangzhou suffered a lot.

Things have to start from mid August 2019, when a woman came to the case Hall of Wenhui police station, claiming to be with a man named Li te. In the process of communication, Lee has been sweet talk, the relationship between the two quickly heated up.

Before long, Lee borrowed money in various names for many times, but later not only failed to pay off the debt in time, but also lost contact with people. She suspected that she met a liar.

Police just started to investigate, but a few days later, a woman Zhang came to Wenhui police station to report the case, claiming to have been defrauded. What surprised the police was that the experience of the two men was exactly the same.

According to Zhang, she is also in contact with a man named Li te. The other side borrowed more than 210000 yuan for various reasons, and the man no longer appeared after he asked for repayment. Zhang took the note signed by Li te and went to the court to sue. He found that the name and ID number on the note were wrong. Only then did she realize that she might have been cheated.

The police immediately realized that the two reports may be about the same person, and because the person provided false identity, it has been suspected of fraud.

Dig deep and the truth emerges

Through Zhangs transfer record, the police quickly locked the suspect Li. In the follow-up investigation, the police found that Li had many abnormal transfer income.

This caused the suspicion of the police, the two reported cases may be just the tip of the iceberg, the suspect Li may have multiple fraud.

As the investigation deepened, two more victims were found by the police in mid October.

Li Mou, the suspect, borrowed money from a woman by the same means and with the intimacy of his boyfriend and girlfriend, with a total amount of more than 450000 yuan. At the same time, the suspect Li also used live brush gifts to withdraw cash back as a reason to defraud another woman, with a total amount of more than 50000 yuan.

On October 19, 2019, the suspect Li was arrested by the police in Xiacheng.

More evidence

Its really a piece of scum

After the suspect Li was arrested, his mobile phone still received many requests for repayment.

The police realized that there might be many more cases on Li. After sorting out and digging deeply, up to now, the police have found out that since November 2018, Li has used the way of talking about his boyfriend and girlfriend to borrow 820000 yuan from five women successively in Dunhua, Changchun and Hangzhou, Jilin Province, and get married as an excuse to make two of them pregnant.

In addition, the suspect Li also swindled seven people with 110000 yuan involved in the crime by using live brush gift to return cash.

(function() {(window. Slotbydup = window. Slotbydup| []). Push ({ID: 6374560, container: ssp_, size: 300250, display: inlay fix, async: true});)) (); at present, the case is still under further investigation. Source: editor in charge of urban express: Wang Ning, nb12468

At present, the case is still under further investigation.