Suicide in the middle of the road girlfriend dissuades her boyfriend

 Suicide in the middle of the road girlfriend dissuades her boyfriend

A Feng and Xiao Ting are a couple. They practice in the same unit. On April 15, this year, after their practice, they met for a snack to celebrate. They talked and laughed. Unexpectedly, on the way back, due to emotional problems, a Feng deliberately walked to the middle of the road, opened his arms to meet the traffic, to show Xiaoting how to be hit by a car.

Xiaoting walks behind a Feng and tries to persuade him to leave the motorway, but her boyfriend hits him on the chest with his right elbow and squats on the motorway two steps backward. When Feng wants to check Xiaotings situation, Lin drives a car by, bumps her into the sky and wipes him to the ground. Unfortunately, Xiaoting died because of the injury.

According to the traffic police department, as a result of a Fengs stay in the roadway and his behavior hindering the road traffic safety, Lins car collided with Xiao ting and a Feng, resulting in the serious consequences of Xiao Tings death, so he should bear the main responsibility for the accident, Lins secondary responsibility for the accident, and Xiao Ting has no responsibility.

The court held that a Feng, the defendant, violated the traffic management laws and regulations, resulting in a major accident, resulting in the death of one person and bearing the main responsibility for the accident, and his behavior has constituted the crime of traffic accident. After the defendant a Feng committed a crime, he voluntarily surrendered to the court and truthfully confessed his criminal facts. After the crime, he made compensation actively and obtained the understanding of the victims family members, so he could be given a lighter punishment. According to the facts, circumstances and consequences of the case, as well as the confession attitude and penitence performance of the defendant a Feng, the defendant a Feng was sentenced to ten months imprisonment and one years probation for the crime of traffic accident.

The judge said that it is normal for couples to quarrel or quarrel. In case of problems, they should communicate calmly, understand each other and do not act impulsively. In particular, young couples are prone to strong emotional fluctuation when they encounter emotional problems, and they will make dangerous behaviors under impulse, which will not only hurt themselves and the people around them, but also harm public safety, causing irreparable losses.

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