Another girl became famous as sitting: your name is not on the seat

 Another girl became famous as sitting: your name is not on the seat

After brother, sister and Lord After being exposed one after another, there are young girls who want to bravely break into the netred bully seat.

On December 1, on the 1303 train from Beijing to Zhengzhou, Ms. Wang and her husband returned to Zhengzhou from Kaifeng with their baby. One of the seats of the couple was occupied by a young female passenger. For the convenience of taking care of the children, Ms. Wangs husband asked the female passenger to give up his seat. But the woman refused to give up her seat, and said without expression, its not the same where you sit. Theres no name on your seat. Finally, a window passenger gives up his seat, and the woman leaves.

Taking the right seat is the basic rule for kindergarten children to understand, but some people have to show their own maverick.

The seat has a number but no name! A sophistry cant make people laugh or cry. Blatantly dominating the throne, but also playing rogue, its really a drop in quality!

In recent years, the tyrant family has been exposed intensively, and the tyrant chaos has become the focus of public opinion. There are always trains. Why are there so many seats recently? In fact, tyrants exist every year, but in the era of mobile Internet, these ugly things will be exposed quickly.

Take other peoples seats and leave them empty. Challenge the bottom line of society and public morality with ones own strength. Its not just ignorance but also recklessness. You cant cure a bully only by exposure.

Although the bully men and bully women had been fined 200 yuan and blacklisted earlier, they were restricted from buying tickets and taking trains for a certain period of time. However, the weakness of the on-site handling of the ongoing bullying behavior can only be dealt with after the fact, which makes the big thing smaller and the small thing smaller, to a certain extent, contributes to the arrogance of the bully.

In addition to afterwards punishment, it is more important to keep up with the on-site emergency law enforcement. If the injured passenger fails to negotiate, the police shall come forward in time to persuade the invalid passenger to take him away forcibly, and in the meantime, any abusive or resisting act shall be deemed as obstructing the official business. The police should have the right to deal with the bullying quickly and efficiently.

Only if the victims and staff can say no to the bully in a reasonable manner and law enforcement personnel can deal with illegal acts in a decisive manner, can an atmosphere of not connivance with small evils be formed and everyones awe of the rules be established.

When its time to do it, lets see who dares to dominate in the future.

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