Foshan informs that dead pigs appear: 19 people have been held in criminal detention

 Foshan informs that dead pigs appear: 19 people have been held in criminal detention

On the evening of November 30, 2019, the news media reported that Nanhai Heyi Meat Association Co., Ltd. was suspected of the presence of dead pigs. After receiving the information, the Party committee and government at the three levels of Foshan City, district and town attached great importance to it. Leaders of Foshan City and district gave instructions, and immediately organized the public security, agriculture, market supervision and other departments to rush to the scene that night, and set up an incident investigation and handling working group to carry out the whole incident In depth investigation. The current situation is as follows:

Nanhai Branch of Foshan Public Security Bureau has detained 19 people involved in the crime of producing and selling food that does not meet the safety standards according to law, and has continued to conduct in-depth investigation and evidence collection. Nanhai agricultural and rural Bureau conducted an administrative case investigation on Nanhai Heyi meat union Co., Ltd.

On the morning of December 1, the agricultural and rural Bureau of Nanhai District issued a notice to Nanhai Heyi meat union Co., Ltd. to order the company to suspend business for rectification. By the early morning of December 2, the companys pig inventory had been completed, and now it has been completely closed for rectification. Meanwhile, the South China Sea region has coordinated other pig slaughterhouses in the region to actively guarantee the supply of local pork market. After the incident, the Agricultural Department of the district and town sent 121 law enforcement personnel to 6 slaughterhouses in the district to carry out all-round inspection and supervision, and no abnormal situation was found temporarily.

The market supervision bureau of Nanhai District organized special investigation on food production and operation in the whole district. As of December 3, 2453 law enforcement personnel had been dispatched to inspect 142 food production enterprises and small workshops, 215 supermarkets and agricultural markets, 54 food refrigerators and 311 catering enterprises.

Next, the South China Sea region will organize the 100 day action of food safety screening, major remediation and pig slaughtering, ensure the supervision in place, seriously investigate and punish illegal acts, and ensure the supply of health and safety meat products.

For this incident, the South China Sea region will thoroughly investigate to the end, deal with it strictly and seriously, and investigate the responsibilities of relevant personnel according to law.

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