Microsoft Shen Xiangyang: the new breakthrough of artificial intelligence will deeply affect medical Finance

 Microsoft Shen Xiangyang: the new breakthrough of artificial intelligence will deeply affect medical Finance

Taking medical treatment as an example, he said that the current application of artificial intelligence in medical treatment is still limited to the use of image recognition methods to process medical images such as ECG. In the future, there will be a joint breakthrough of artificial intelligence and genetics to provide precision medicine. Artificial intelligence will deepen the understanding of human body through gene analysis of various sensor data.

Shen predicted that financial services would be another area deeply affected by AI. Artificial intelligence software relies on big data to conduct high-frequency transactions through data modeling, and its return rate is far higher than that of conventional investment means. If the breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence is widely used in the financial industry, it will change the market behavior to a large extent, or even subvert the whole market.

Shen Xiangyang, who joined Microsoft in 1996, is a world-class expert in computer vision and graphics. He is responsible for the overall strategy and forward-looking research of Microsofts AI. His AI team includes Bing search and Microsoft Xiaobing.

According to Shen Xiangyang, there are three main conditions for the development of artificial intelligence: first, the continuous enhancement of computing power; second, the sharp increase of available data; third, the emergence of advanced algorithms. Because of these three factors, artificial intelligence has developed rapidly in recent years. For example, in the field of games, Google developed Alpha dog, Carnegie Mellon University and Facebook developed Texas poker, and Microsoft launched mahjong AI system. The level of intelligence of these games has reached a very high level through in-depth learning and reinforcement learning of artificial intelligence.

Shen Xiangyang said that the perception ability of artificial intelligence has developed rapidly, especially in speech recognition, speech synthesis, visual design and other aspects. It is expected that it will be able to win mankind in five to 10 years. However, the progress of AI in cognition is not great, and its understanding of the world and people, especially its own understanding is still in a very early stage.

He said that over the years, the development of human technology is basically an extension of physical strength, while artificial intelligence is an extension of human brain power. Unlike other mature subjects such as physics and chemistry, brain science is still in its early stage of development. Therefore, the development of artificial intelligence also needs more exploration.

Shen Xiangyang believes that with the penetration of artificial intelligence into all walks of life, it will not only bring about technological changes, but also have a profound impact on society. At the same time, the more extensive application of artificial intelligence in the future also puts forward new challenges to social ethics and law. Take automatic driving, one of the most exciting applications of artificial intelligence, for example. Many governments and large companies have invested a lot of money and manpower, which may solve all technical problems in the next five to 10 years. But the biggest obstacle to fully autonomous driving lies beyond technology, including regulatory, legal and ethical issues.

For example, in heavily congested cities, many cars driven by manual drivers run against rules. Autonomous cars cant move forward without violating rules, but they cant design the system to drive against rules. In addition, in the face of dangerous situations, how should intelligent systems make decisions? When there is only the option to hit people, dogs or walls, which one should I choose? It will take time to solve these problems.

Shen Xiangyang believes that one of the side effects of the development of artificial intelligence is that it may aggravate the uneven distribution and development, which are all problems that need to be solved in the future. People need to find a reasonable way to distribute wealth in the era of artificial intelligence, which not only depends on technical means, but also needs social means and administrative intervention means.

Source: Xinhua News Agency Author: Xu Xingtang, Zhang Chunxiao, Qin Lang editor in charge: Li Yi, Niu nbjs9851