How can goodwill and KPI coexist?

 How can goodwill and KPI coexist?

On November 30, a media report called undercover real photo hospital sweeping fund-raising, auditing loopholes secretly reported that waterdrop fund-raising was once again on the wave. In the video, a person who claims to be a fund-raising consultant is training part-time staff. The trainee will then sweep the building in the hospital as a volunteer. If he successfully pulls up more than 5 pieces, he will get 80 yuan / piece of performance reward. In this groups investigation on the off-line teams of water drop financing in multiple regions, it is also mentioned that the local push staff with the name of volunteer or crowdfunding consultant can get a maximum Commission of 150 yuan for each order, which is more than 10000 yuan per month and eliminated at the end.

Screenshot from this video

In its first official statement on the report on November 30, waterdrophead said the report only involved violations by individual offline personnel in some areas.

On December 2, in an updated official statement, shuidiji explained that the Commission mentioned in the report is actually the remuneration paid by the company The whole process of payment.

Updated statement released on December 2

The information disclosed in the updated official statement also confirms that Commission does exist as a system in the operation of waterdrop fund-raising, although waterdrop fund-raising, on the one hand, emphasizes that it is the non-profit module of the whole waterdrop company, and has been insisting on providing free services to fundraising users since its establishment.

Waterdrop fundraising is an online public welfare crowdfunding platform, and its offline service link refers to the scene of offline medical institutions, looking for patients and their families who are in urgent need of treatment but have no money, introducing waterdrop fundraising as a fundraising channel to them, helping patients write help stories and complete the online fundraising application process.

This sounds like a necessary information promotion service to help families of patients who are not familiar with Internet products and operation methods to raise funds as soon as possible, that is to help them effectively connect more social forces and open a new way to save lives. However, the volunteers exposed in the video by the media are very wolf like because they are managed by a strict performance system and KPI indicators.

The temptation of flow

Why is it necessary to use KPIs to help patients raise money? The reason why SDR will gradually form such a management mechanism is related to the interest of the business model behind it.

According to the public information, behind the project is a company called water drop mutual insurance, which is the water drop company appearing in the official statement of water drop research. It has fundraising, insurance, mutual aid and other businesses. Insurance business and mutual insurance are the main sources of income of the company. As a public welfare project, the biggest value of waterdrop research in the business chain of waterdrop company is to guide the other two income generating businesses.

Shuidi insurance is a traditional insurance product. As of June this year, shuidi company has established cooperative relations with more than 60 insurance companies, and has launched more than 80 insurance products, from which shuidi company charges brokerage fees.

Water drop mutual aid is a health mutual aid community product for cancer and other serious diseases, which is divided into anti-cancer, health, comprehensive accident and other categories. Open the waterdrop mutual aid app, and the most striking number on the first screen of the home page is the number of joined members and the amount of allocated mutual aid fund displayed dynamically in real time. As of December 3, the number of members of shuidi mutual aid has exceeded 80.62 million, and the allocated mutual aid fund has exceeded 1.116 billion yuan.

The home pages of waterdrop mutual aid and waterdrop fundraising both emphasize the large-scale number of participants and funds

The premise for users to choose to join a mutual aid program and become members is to recharge their account first. Each mutual aid scheme thus establishes a pool of funds called mutual funds. After a 180 day waiting period (to prevent entry with illness), once a member is diagnosed with a serious illness involved in the mutual aid plan, through the review of the platform and the third-party investigation company, he can get hundreds of thousands of yuan or even millions of yuan of mutual aid fund for treatment. The mutual fund of shuidi mutual aid is entrusted to the public fund for management.

From March 2019, waterdrop mutual began to charge 8% of the management fee to the users who allocated the mutual fund. Before shuidi mutual aid, mutualbao, a mutual aid platform owned by ant financial services and with a membership size of more than 100 million, also proposed a policy of charging management fees at a rate of 8% for each mutual aid fund. The charges of these products are all deducted from the cost of the third-party medical record investigation.

Mutual treasure Homepage

In June this year, shuidi company received more than 1 billion yuan of round C financing, because VC companies saw their favorite traffic story from this company.

This year, Shen Peng, founder and CEO of waterdrop company, mentioned in several public occasions that the average customer acquisition cost of each donation user is only 30 cents. By September 2019, shuidi has raised 23.5 billion yuan in total and nearly 280 million people have participated in the rescue. These 280 million people are the decisive flow pool that drives the whole business chain of waterdrop company forward.

Real and fake volunteers

Many people have the experience that when they brush the information about a friends illness or a touching strangers help in the circle of friends, they will click the donation link at any time to do their best. These users with the original intention of saving donations will be guided to pay attention to water drop mutual assistance and water drop protection after entering the water drop platform. From the point of view of making a modest contribution to those unfortunate patients, the users payment psychology can easily be divided into such consumption decisions as buying a security insurance for themselves.

And shuidi mutual aid tips on the member recharge page that if you join a mutual aid plan, the amount paid for sharing the mutual aid fund in one year is about 150 yuan. Compared with the traditional mode of insurance products, the threshold of consumption decision is lower.

Water drop mutual aid joining the mutual aid joining plan page

The project started by waterdrop is waterdrop mutual aid. Shen Peng interviewed yimagazine at the beginning of his business in 2016. He interpreted this product as standardized prepaid crowdfunding: its purpose is to ensure that there is a payment when people have difficulties, rather than to raise money now, which will give users a sense of security.

Savage enclosure and vicious competition are another reason for this wolf pushing pattern. As a gathering place for patients, the hospital is the easiest place to find the project sponsor, and naturally becomes the place for strategists to fight.

This week, yimagazine, No.1 finance and economics, noticed that the advertising page of BD / volunteer / local tweet published on various recruitment websites by easygoing, shuidijis old rival, had been completely offline this week, but it had not seen its local tweet in many hospitals before.

We often meet volunteers on other platforms in the hospital. Sometimes when we see the leaflets posted by the other side, we will tear them up secretly. A college student who used to work part-time on a public welfare crowdfunding platform recalled to yimagazine. The student, who didnt want to be named, said he did a paid job, but he was more willing to call himself a public welfare volunteer. In fact, students are more patient in this kind of work of communicating with patients, so the platform is willing to find us.

The reporter tried to complete the user registration on the platform, tried to fill in the sick information but didnt release it, but in the next three days, he began to receive the customer service phone and SMS from the platform, and urged the official release of fund-raising information. Although these platforms have not disclosed the conversion rate, but from the perspective of the Crazy degree of each family to expand the scale of public welfare fund-raising, traffic is still their lifeblood.

So, where is the flow depression of online serious illness crowdfunding products? Sinking is a word Shen Peng keeps mentioning. As the No. 10 employee of meituan, he knows the importance of ground promotion. Many of the early operators of waterdropchip also came directly from meituan.

Also this year, Shen Peng once revealed to the public that 76% of the fundraising users and 72% of the donation users of waterdrop are from the third, fourth and fifth tier cities, which highly coincides with the user portraits of waterdrop mutual assistance - 77% of the interactive users are from the third, fourth and fifth tier cities, and most of them are freelancers, small businesses, farmers and married people with children. From the perspective of Internet usage habits, they are far more willing to forward than people in first tier and second tier cities. At the same time, these low-level cities are often the disaster areas of serious illness leading to poverty.

Shuidiji has a strong team to push. In a public speech in March this year, Shen Peng mentioned the scale of the team - more than 300 district managers and more than 16000 volunteers. These volunteers will go to the countryside to paint wall advertisements, post flyers at the door of convenience stores, issue free sun umbrellas, and go deep into the hospital to sweep the floor. Many hospitals also acquiesce to these volunteers. Next, they will be responsible for face-to-face meeting with patients and their families to determine the amount of fund-raising, and help them upload materials and submit applications. Once approved by the background, they will be directly presented in the app. According to shuidiji, they will pay volunteers tens to hundreds of yuan each at their own expense.

When Shen Peng gave a speech at wise wind direction conference in March this year, he mentioned that waterdrop has more than 300 area managers and more than 16000 volunteers.

On many occasions, Shen Peng is still used to describing his local pushers as volunteers. However, a person who can get money return because of signing a bill has automatically separated from the status of volunteer objectively. But why are crowdfunding platforms keen to use the term volunteer? The reason is that its more cost-effective to find part-time volunteers than to hire full-time employees engaged in local promotion work - under this very vague definition, the platform doesnt need to pay five insurances and one fund for these personnel, or even provide fixed wages other than performance rewards. Those volunteers who take the initiative to participate in product promotion out of the real sense of public welfare are also a real group.

Fragile trust

In order to accelerate the growth and attract users, large platforms such as easy fundraising and waterdrop fundraising also provide more derivative services, such as the rapid generation of fundraising copywriting services, which makes a lot of fundraising information read very vivid, real and moving. After the user fills in the basic information such as father and leukaemia, waterdropchip generates such a copy:

If I can exchange life for life, I will exchange my father suffering from leukemia

XXX is my father. My family lived in an ordinary and harmonious way, but suddenly the illness overwhelmed the family. My father was diagnosed with leukemia. My father has been working hard for this family for so many years, but now he is suffering from disease. My heart is full of suffering and helplessness. Baishan and Xiaoxiao are the first. My father raised me to be an adult. I want to report to each other with all my strength, but I really need it To get the care and assistance of the people who love

Radical get customers strategy is bound to cause all kinds of hidden dangers of information authenticity in the whole operation process. For example, in the online preliminary review of waterdrop funding, the platform does not need the sponsor to fill in the family property information, after the 30 day fundraising period, as long as the medical information and property information are completed, the cash can be withdrawn. The customer service staff of shuidizu told yimagazine.

This means that before the crowdfunding project is released, the platform does not know the real economic situation of the patients family, and at the same time, the platform will not send special personnel to the hospital to verify the condition of online applicants. At present, the whole industry generally lacks legal and effective ways to verify the economic situation of families such as car property, real estate and deposit. In response, waterdrop said the process was designed to allow patients to start raising money more quickly.

You have financial difficulties at this stage. You cant put out a lot of money in time to cure the disease. For example, you have a house but you cant sell it quickly, but its very serious. You can also be rescued. Volunteers from the aforementioned fundraising platform told yimagazine.

Some cheating behaviors that exploit platform loopholes and peoples love have even evolved into an industry chain: spend hundreds of yuan to open fake medical certificates, fill in the real name and ID card number, after the link is generated, there is a special part-time mutual assistance and forwarding wechat group, help the situation is true and forward fund-raising, of course, these people can get some profits. There are even fake wechat pages, which have the same interface as the mainstream donation platform after clicking, and the money received directly enters the private account.

As for the whereabouts of the money, several platforms are uploaded on the principle of the initiators voluntariness, and the platform will not force them to provide the whereabouts of the money, which lays a hidden danger for fraudulent donation.

On November 6, the first Internet serious illness dispute case in China was publicly adjudicated in Chaoyang Court. Mr. Mo, the defendant, started a fund-raising project of 400000 yuan in shuidiqian in April 2018 because of the illness of his child, and the child died after more than 150000 yuan was raised, but the 150000 yuan still went to his account. Later, shuidiqian received a report that Mr. Mo concealed his property when raising money and would raise money Item is used for other purposes. In the first instance, Mr. Mo was ordered to return the fund in full and pay the corresponding interest.

The core of this kind of problem is the management of the company, shuidi said in an official response on December 2. The new assessment method will focus on the true compliance and service quality of the project around the whole process of fund-raising. At the same time, an independent service supervision team is established to find and investigate the problems fed back by different channels. From the perspective of product experience, it is a more scientific operation idea to carry out the full cycle assessment of offline services, but the disadvantage is that it will increase the human cost.

Trust is the foundation for the success of public welfare innovative services, but trust is also the most vulnerable and well protected link of such products. Its hard to say that the far-reaching impact of Guo Meimeis incident, which happened eight years ago, on the reputation of the Red Cross Society has been completely eliminated. If an enterprise can be honest and practical in doing public welfare, it should be transparent and steady in doing business, instead of making public welfare the consumable of business - the relationship between public welfare and business is not a natural opposition.

Source: the first financial editor in charge: Qiao JunJing, nbj11279