PUA training class: take a swindle and ask for a quick push to see how to make a slag man

 PUA training class: take a swindle and ask for a quick push to see how to make a slag man

Recently, a video of secretly visiting the PUA training class came out. In the video, the PUA trainer talked about how to use photo deception to self package, pick up the younger sister, make an appointment with the gun and push quickly A series of routines let netizens watch and be surprised and angry.

Video: PUA routine is divided into three stages

As can be seen from the video, the PUA routine is divided into three stages

The first stage: fake famous brand, showing off wealth

Students buy fake brands in the training class and pack them into successful people. One of the teachers introduced himself and boasted that she could sleep three girls a day. Dont think our profession is to be a girl, we are actually experimenting with life for you..

The second stage: chat with friends

Students crowdfunding, including the next high-end place, take photos and send friends, then go to the bar and interact with girls.

The lecturers will teach the students how to use sexual harassment like contact methods as love skills, train them how to inadvertently make physical contact with women they dont know, and chat up with them for contact information, or even further development.

The first two stages are generally controlled within a few days. In such a few steps, each student will spend tens of thousands of yuan.

Stage 3: more expensive courses

Next, the lecturers will recommend more expensive courses, saying that it will take tens of thousands more to enter the brotherhood, and then each others wingmen. , enjoy life-long courses.

How deep is the PUA routine

PUA is the abbreviation of pick-up artist, which translates as pick-up artist. A person who had studied PUA before said that PUA was originally a technology to teach otaku men how to open their social circle, but now it has become a big dye vat with mixed advantages and disadvantages. Many of them teach the manipulation of heterosexual feelings and instill the three concepts of collapse.

PUA is a group of people who believe in the routine between the two sexes.

In their eyes, these routines can be learned, or cost learned. These routines are full of caution machine. For example, when talking to the opposite sex, try not to choose places with dense flow of people, such as shopping malls, railway stations, bus stations, which will make people mistakenly think that you are a liar of unknown origin; for example, when talking to the opposite sex, you should look at the dishes and judge the age and taste of the other party according to the clothes, and say different words as the starting point.

Furthermore, they believe that even if not all aspects of a relationship can be designed, at least some of them can be arranged as a whole.

For example, when you get along with an object, you must never give up. You must be willing to refuse or welcome, or even deliberately look for conflicts, so that the other party cant stop. For example, even if you break up with the object, you can successfully retrieve the object as long as you properly perform memory killing.

Type PUA into the search engine and youll find that the theory is spreading all over the world.

Practitioners: many people teach thousand skills

In Guangzhou, netizen Uncle K once set up a PUA entrepreneurial team. They soon found that PUA did have a big market among urban men and women. It took them about half a year to recruit nearly 80 students, including not only house men, but also middle and upper income men. Uncle K quickly expanded its business, recruited people and established an emotional consulting company.

Uncle K said that PUA was originally a technology to teach otaku man how to open up personal social circle. However, later, the concept of PUA was continuously extended and eventually turned into a big dye vat of mixed dragon and snake.

There are many who go to extremes. In order to attract more students, PUA has adopted all kinds of means - to win the eyes through extraordinary remarks, to play a pornographic card in marketing, to materialize women, and to take sex as the ultimate value orientation.

In Uncle Ks view, what these people teach at the beginning of a class is actually thousand skills, and there is no element of exaggeration. It is said that a man named death row invented the five step trap: curiosity trap, exploration trap (or sympathy trap), obsession trap, destruction trap (or destruction trap), emotional abuse trap (or value trap). The five step trap has the so-called puppet setting. We should set ourselves as president, poet and prodigal. According to these three kinds of human settings disguise to attract the interest of the opposite sex. After attracting the curiosity of the opposite sex, we can show our weakness, make the opposite sex fascinated, and then destroy the feelings established by the other side with the purpose of quarreling and breaking up, and finally achieve the purpose of value extraction of the opposite sex.

Uncle K said that the so-called value trap usually has some classic routines, such as comfort money is needed when grandma dies and deposit is needed when the RV is seized by the court, so as to obtain money. In fact, this has come to the edge of the crime of fraud in the legal sense.

Victim: boyfriend cloud disk stores a large number of female photos

There is a track to identify a PUA.

I have an appointment with a 6-point sister. Brother, you will be my wingman and DHV tonight. This is the jargon that a PUA might say. They rate women according to their appearance and family background, Liao Ji is to let friends around to pursue girls assist, DHV is to show high value, which means to say good things for themselves.

Some PUA features, in addition to blurting out jargon, are well-dressed and even fake wechat circle of friends: red wine luxury car watch, horse riding, archery diving, love of pets, love of cooking, filial piety to parents to do public welfare, trying to convey their taste, health, filial piety, love.

A person familiar with the PUA said that wechat circle of friends is a showcase, and men with the above characteristics are obviously more attractive to women. However, the fact that some PUA fictitious identities are fictitious actually constitutes deception for the unidentified opposite sex.

A Jun (pseudonym) is a PUA victim. She told reporters that before knowing PUA, she met a boy while working part-time, and the two sides began to communicate later. In the process of communication, she found that her boyfriend was hot and cold to her. Later, she remembered that this was a skill of bad PUA to manipulate heterosexual feelings - push and pull.

In less than a year, she accidentally found her boyfriend in a PUA QQ group, and more than one girlfriend at the same time.

What shocked her even more was that once she accidentally logged into her boyfriends cloud disk and found that there were many female photos in it, some of them were exposed and screenshots of her boyfriends chat with a large number of women. There are pictures of me.

Later, she learned about PUA and learned that bad PUA would brag and brag with each other by associating with multiple heterosexuals at the same time. After copying the cloud disk, she found out the contact information of some potential victims and told them. A Jun said that some would politely say thank you, but others were cold.

In fact, sharing womens intimate photos in the communication group is some of the characteristics of the bad PUA. Some lawyers believe that this has violated the right of privacy, portrait and reputation of the woman, and may also involve the crime of Disseminating Obscene Articles.

Poisoned person: the brain is full of routines, and he loves incompetence

Guangzhou baby CK used to be a single house man. After studying PUA in the class, facing the opposite sex, he is no longer shy about never seen the world, claiming to know how to release his charm. As a result, he finally made a girlfriend. But even so, CK said, you cant let your girlfriend know youve learned PUA.. He knew that what they needed to get along with was sincerity. When it comes to routines, everyone will be disgusted.

In fact, in a relationship, is the routine really useful? A number of complainants who bought off the single course and emotional recovery course from emotional consulting companies failed to report that the routine did not work. They wake up to the fact that love is not a calculator that can input instructions and get corresponding results.

Kong Weiwei is an anti bad PUA person. She said that on the Internet, a large number of male PUA poisoning people find her to talk. They are so poisoned by PUA that they fall into self contradictory depression. Kong Weiwei summed up some common features of PUA poisoning: for example, when social roles conflict, they cant coordinate themselves, cant maintain a long-term relationship, lack of self-knowledge for harming others or hindering public interests, cant perceive the evaluation of others or society, and have social deviant behaviors.

There are poisoning even appear love incompetence symptoms, they talk, chasing a girl, full of thinking is the routine.

I cant remember how love feels, one male poisoned man confided


Fine for detention of man selling PUA course

In May this year, the first administrative case in China to release illegal PUA information made such courses that claimed to catch up with girls in seven days once again become the focus of public opinion. Xu, the perpetrator of the law, has been detained for five days and fined 50000 yuan for setting up a website and selling PUA courses, teaching the so-called experience and skills to the buyers, including cheating womens money, hurting womens bodies, inducing women to commit suicide, etc., and all the illegal PUA courses have been cleared up.

Recently, the network security departments of public security organs at the provincial and municipal levels have successfully investigated and dealt with cases involving the implementation of fraud, pornography and other illegal information by setting up websites to sell illegal PUA courses. On May 9, Jiangsu online police reported the first administrative case involving the release of illegal PUA information.

According to the network security team of Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau, it is found that the illegal PUA course takes suicide encouragement, pet cultivation and crazy exploitation as its selling point, breaks the moral bottom line, directly calls women prey and pets, or instigates successful people to seduce women who are not deeply involved in the world to cheat property, or teaches how to conquer women violently and let them collapse Break, or teach women how to lose their reason, or even suicide.

According to the police, Xu, a 24-year-old man surnamed Xu, who is from Lianyungang, set up a website and peddled the PUA courses mentioned above. By using language, words, actions, videos, images and other methods, he deliberately taught the purchasers the so-called experience and skills, including cheating womens money, intentionally injuring womens bodies, inducing women to commit suicide, which constituted the utilization of Article 46 of the cybersecurity law Information network carries out illegal acts.

At present, the violator Xu has been detained for 5 days and fined 50000 yuan, the relevant websites and distribution groups have been ordered to close down, and all the illegal PUA courses have been cleaned up.

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