The man borrowed two friends private cars to resell and got ten thousand yuan deposit

 The man borrowed two friends private cars to resell and got ten thousand yuan deposit

On November 27, Chongqing Dazu police arrested Li. After examination, Li involved in 5 cases of fraud and has been detained by public security organs.

On October 6, 2019, Li Mou found his friend Kang Mou to borrow a car, and Kang Mou borrowed his car from Li Mou because of his affection. Unexpectedly, Kang just gave the car to Li, who immediately drove the car to a used car shop and sold it at a low price of 45000 yuan.

According to Li, the car he borrowed from kangmou is a white Chevy. According to the old and new level, the second-hand market should be able to sell for 780000 yuan. Qin, the owner of the cheated second-hand car dealer, said to the police that he had relaxed his vigilance and paid a deposit of 1600 yuan without checking Lis identity information because the price he sold was relatively favorable and there was a large profit margin. After paying the deposit, Li found an excuse to drive the car away, then lost contact all the time.

On October 8, Li defrauded 2500 yuan in cash from another used car shop in the same way. After two scams, Li returned the car to his friend Kang. As of Lis arrival, Kang didnt know that Li drove his car out to cheat.

Li also told the police about the second case of fraud: on October 15, Li saw his friend Zuo Mou selling a BYD SUV in his wechat circle of friends and left a message saying he wanted to buy a car. After he cheated Zuo of his car, he promised to pay for it in two days, and then drove the car to a used car shop. The price was 26000 yuan, far lower than the market price of used cars. Tang Mou, the owner of the car shop, paid Li 6000 yuan as a deposit. After receiving the deposit, Li Mou drove the car away again and disappeared.

If the boss wants to see my ID card, Ill lie and say I forgot to take it. Anyway, the car has arrived here. They dont doubt it. Li confessed.

In the investigation of the case, Li confessed two other cases of fraud. In September 2019, he defrauded his friend 1100 yuan in the name of buying refrigerator on behalf of him, and later returned 500 yuan to him; on October 18, he lied about the delay of wechat payment in a clothing store, and defrauded 7 clothes, worth more than 500 yuan. At present, Li is suspected of fraud and has been detained by the public security organ.

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