After the quarrel, the husband looked at the bedroom and was stunned: the wife disappeared with a scream

 After the quarrel, the husband looked at the bedroom and was stunned: the wife disappeared with a scream

After receiving the alarm, the police immediately rushed to.

After arriving at the scene, Ouyang Lianbin, the policeman, led the auxiliary police and special security team members to search the area described by the police man again and again, but no wife of the party was found.

Officer Ouyang, while arranging the team members to continue to search, let the property check the community monitoring and go upstairs to find out the specific situation of the parties.

When entering the room, he saw the client sitting on the seat with pale face and looking at the direction of the bedroom inside.

The party told officer Ouyang that he and his wife were quarreling because of some trifles and disagreements, and his wife hid in the next room in anger. Soon after, the room came a cry of ah. After opening the door, I found that there was no wife in the room.

After understanding the situation, the police carefully explored the room and found that the window was locked and had not been opened, excluding the case of falling from the window.

According to the monitoring of the community corridor, there is no image of his wife leaving, excluding the situation of leaving the building.

Thus, the police judged that the man should still be in the room, so they checked all the cabinets with their families, and finally found the missing wife in a small cabinet in the room.

Only see, her eyes are bright red motionless crouch in inside, through the police more than an hour of patient persuasion, finally mood stabilized and climbed out of the cabinet. The so-called scream jump is actually just for her husband.

The police reminded that there will inevitably be conflicts between husband and wife, but they need to be solved rationally when they happen. They should never use the gas to produce extreme ideas and behaviors. A happy life needs to be built by both sides.

The man in Hangzhou looks at the bedroom and is shocked: his wife screams after quarreling with him and disappears