Trump: you have to help us in the third year

 Trump: you have to help us in the third year

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I have asked Japan, trump said Wednesday in London, according to Fuji Ive already talked to Prime Minister Abe. My friend, Jin San, I said, you have to help us, we have paid a lot of money, you are a rich country, and we are basically paying for your military. Trump arrived in London on the 2nd to attend the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit.

(on March 3, trump said that he has asked Japan to increase the burden of US military funds: Fuji News Network)

Trump also said that U.S. allies such as Japan had never been asked to increase the burden of U.S. funding before, but now, they are asked..

(trump on the left and Abe on the right: Daily Economic News)

Previously, several foreign media reported that under the special agreement due in March 2021, Japan needs to pay US $2 billion for US troops stationed in Japan. The U.S. wants to quadruple the amount of money in the new deal, or about $8 billion. At present, there are about 54000 US soldiers stationed in Japan, half of which are deployed at the US air base in Okinawa. Not only that, US Defense Secretary esper also said at the ROK-US security meeting on November 15 that South Korea should bear more defense costs for US forces stationed in South Korea. He said he hoped that the allies of the United States around the world would make greater contributions to defense costs.

According to Japanese media reports, Japanese government officials confirmed on November 16 that the U.S. asked Japan to quadruple the cost of U.S. troops in July, but Japan refused. According to the report, the Japanese side believed that the increase proposed by the US side was unrealistic and may be a part of the deal by President trump of the US, in order to test the Japanese attitude.

It is worth mentioning that, according to Japanese government sources, the Japanese government just reached an agreement with land owners on November 29 on mamao Island, a city in the west of Kagoshima County, to purchase the unmanned island for about 16 billion yen (about 1 billion yuan), as a transfer candidate for us carrier based aircraft on land simulation takeoff and landing training (fclp). According to the report released by MBC South Japan, the move was strongly protested by some local people, and even a liaison meeting against base construction was formed.

(map source of Mamu Island: NHK)

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