The homeowner ignored the notice of retirement and the famous mansion Wulin No.1 in Hangzhou was seized

 The homeowner ignored the notice of retirement and the famous mansion Wulin No.1 in Hangzhou was seized

They went straight to the 15th floor of a certain building in District D to implement forced retirement.

In advance, the reporter learned that the reason for retiring was a dispute over share transfer.

The landlord of Wulin No. 1 is Mr. Li and Mr. Chen, who are major shareholders of a real estate company in Jiangxi Province.

As early as October 2010, Li and Chen, as shareholders of a company in Jiangxi Province, signed the contract for the transfer of the right to use state owned construction land with the Bureau of land and resources, stipulating that in May 2011, the transferors Bureau of land and resources will deliver the land to Li and Chen.

Later, because of the companys capital turnover, Li and Chen transferred the companys equity. In May 2011, Li and Chen transferred 100% of their shares in the company to Huang and others. Both parties also agreed that Li and Chen need to urge the Bureau of land and resources to complete the land demolition and leveling work. If the demolition work has not been completed within 90 days, Li and Chen need to bear the corresponding interest of the amount paid by Huang for each day overdue.

Finally, Li and Chen still failed to fulfill the agreement on schedule. In April 2016, Huang and others filed a lawsuit in the West Lake court. After the first instance of the West Lake court and the second instance of the Hangzhou intermediate court, Li and Chen were finally judged to compensate Huang for more than 9.37 million yuan of economic losses due to breach of contract.

In October 2018, because Li and Chen failed to perform the effective judgment, Huang and others applied to the West Lake court for enforcement.

In view of Lis and Lis refusal to perform, the West Lake court took compulsory measures to restrict Lis and Chens high consumption and put them on the list of dishonest executors. During the execution, Li and Chen said to the enforcement police many times that they would take the initiative to perform their obligations in the court, but they repeatedly failed to make an appointment, in order to delay the execution in this way.

Last month, the executive police had posted a notice of retirement at the Wulin No. 1 real estate office where Li and Chen lived, and Li and Chen delayed the execution by the old way.

Today, the West Lake court has moved seriously.

It is reported that the property covers an area of more than 300 square meters and has a market value of about 40 million yuan.

Childrens Toys

At 8:45 a.m., the hour news reporter followed the executive judge into the executed family.

The landlord is not at home. The executive judge said that they had been contacted yesterday and asked to wait at the house at 8:30 today. The Executive Board of the West Lake court has a day of retirement every month. Today is the constitutional day of December 4, so this months compulsory retirement is on todays day.

At 8:50, the executive judge called the landlord and asked him to pick up the things.

Today, the landlord still has a lot of things in the house, so the court temporarily sealed up the house.

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