Storm group has only ten security guards left: I cant say what kind of company this is

 Storm group has only ten security guards left: I cant say what kind of company this is

Is storm group working hard to ensure stable operation in accordance with the requirements of the attention letter of the exchange? In the absence of securities agency, who is responsible for writing and submitting the announcement of storm group to the exchange? Which part are more than 10 employees in charge of? Can we drive the wheels of the company that have been stagnant Reporters from the securities times came to the latest office of Stormwind group on the morning of the 3rd to try to solve the above-mentioned questions.

The reporter found that in September this year, the office address of storm group was changed to 5 / F, building 21, No. 2, Beitaipingzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing, but this address could not be displayed in the map of Gaode and Baidu. When the reporter came to the neighborhood and found this address, he found that this is the office gathering area of some small and micro start-ups. There is no company logo of storm video on the 5th floor, and the property security and company security are all in charge to prevent anyone from entering. In the morning of the 3rd, apart from a security guard, the reporter also did not see any employees entering or leaving the office of storm group.

1. Falling into the start-up small and micro enterprise circle

As for the office location of storm video, on November 26 this year, some media reporters rushed to visit the Shouxiang Technology Building in Haidian District, Beijing. According to the report at that time, the companys floor guidance on the first floor of the building has no name of storm group, and the 13th floor of the building is empty, with only a few fitters working here.

In fact, the exposed building is only the former Office of storm group. In September this year, storm group issued a notice that due to the needs of business development, the company recently completed the relocation of its office address, and the companys office address and telephone number were changed to 5 / F, building 21, No. 2, Beitaipingzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

The new location is located outside Beijings Third Ring Road, next to the Mudanyuan subway station. At present, in addition to large-scale state-owned enterprises and municipal state-owned enterprises, most of the private companies in Beijing work outside the fourth ring road or even the Fifth Ring Road. Therefore, the latest company of storm group, for many A-share companies, can be called the golden position.

However, No. 2, Taipingzhuang Road, North is not clearly marked. When the reporter arrived here according to the navigation, the corresponding companies were Ping An Life and Deheng business hall. The reporter came to the hall and found that block a and block B are all five floors, but there is no company name of storm video on the sign. As building a, No. 2, Taipingzhuang Road, is the office of Pingan, China, the reporter knocked on the door of all companies on the 5th floor of building B one by one, and all the people who opened the door said that their companies were not storm.

After inquiring about the express delivery brother nearby, the reporter learned that the building 21, No. 2, North Taipingzhuang road announced by storm video is not in the area of No. 2, North Taipingzhuang road shown in the map. After going west, we can find building 21, No. 2, North Taipingzhuang road without any building name and logo.

At 9:30, when the reporter came to building 21, he found that the formal name shown here was block C of Deheng guild hall. On the sign here, there is only a list of companies on the third or fourth floor, not storm video.

So, is the office announced by storm video exactly here?

The reporter used the companys office address information shown in the display for verification. In the display area of Block C, the first company is called Beijing Shengtang Bencao Technology Co., Ltd., tianyancha information shows that the company is located on the third floor of building 21, No. 2, Beitaipingzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing. It can be seen that this is the new office location announced by storm group.

2. I cant tell you what company we are

The reporter interviewed the heads of other enterprises here and learned that the companies working here are mostly small and micro enterprises in the form of renting, and most of them are in the initial stage.

According to the statistics of Tianyan survey, most of the companies listed in the guidelines were founded around 2016, with registered capital ranging from 5 million yuan to 10 million yuan. Therefore, compared with other small partners, Stormwind group is an alternative existence - it is the only listed company that works here.

After failing to go public in the United States, Stormwind group turned to A-share and landed on the gem in March 2015. At its peak, its market value exceeded 40.8 billion yuan, becoming a real head enterprise in the A-share Internet camp. The reason why the companys stock was so popular at that time was due to the superior profitability of the general Internet enterprises shown in the IPO materials from the beginning. In 2012-2014 before the listing, the companys operating revenue was RMB 252 million, RMB 325 million and RMB 386 million respectively, and its net profit was RMB 55847300, RMB 38537300 and RMB 41941500 respectively. In particular, in 2015, the companys operating revenue reached 652 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 68.85%, and its net profit was 173 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 313.23%.

However, after the highlight moment, the company soon lost profits, with a loss of nearly 1.1 billion yuan in 2018. From the perspective of the level of small partners in the companys latest office, Stormwind group has become a start-up small and micro enterprise circle.

However, different from other Internet companies and other small businesses in the new office, in addition to the name of storm group hidden in the sign, when the reporter came to the 5th floor of building 21, he found that there was no company logo here, only a locked tempered glass door, which closed all visitors outside.

A security guard finally showed up after reporters knocked on the door. The reporter asked, is this storm group company? The security guard replied warily, who are you looking for? The reporter asked: is there any office staff in it? The security guard replied again, who are you looking for? When the reporter asked is this storm company? the security guard was silent for a moment and later replied, I cant tell you what company we are.

As mentioned above, according to the guidance of express delivery personnel, this is the location of the new office address disclosed in the announcement of storm group, which corresponds to the office address disclosed by tianyancha. According to the on-site environment and the response of the security personnel, Stormwind group has realized the invisible office in this way, which does not open a door for customers or show its presence

It is not accurate to use office to describe storm group. On the evening of December 2, Stormwind group announced that in addition to Feng Xin, the general manager who has been approved for arrest, all the senior managers of the company have resigned, and the securities affairs representative who assists in information disclosure has also resigned. At present, there are only 10 people left in the company. Due to the shortage of funds, the company is in arrears with some employees wages.

During the whole morning of the 3rd, no one went to the 5th floor office. Until 11:08, the only security personnel mentioned above also took the elevator to go downstairs and rode their bikes to fly away.

Therefore, it can be seen from the latest office of the reporters on-the-spot camping and the original office of other media that, todays storm video, whether it was the first technology building before or the latest building 21, has been hard to see the staff. Moreover, the property management personnel of any office and the employees of the surrounding companies all said that they did not know about storm companys office here.

It should be noted that building 21 of secret office is not the long-term home of storm group. According to the announcement of storm group, the companys office rent will be paid by the end of February 2020. If the rent cannot be paid in time, the company will face the risk of no office space.

In fact, in addition to the bizarre office space, the companys website and app of storm group have also had problems, and the customer service phone has been unanswered. According to the latest office call disclosed by Stormwind group, reporters can only hear the same harsh noise as receiving faxes.

Storm group, a superstar company with a total of 280 million users in 2009, quickly fell to the altar with LETV. But where is the bottom, it is still unknown.

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