Whats the magic about this stock? Attention of 105 institutions including Qianhe capital

 Whats the magic about this stock? Attention of 105 institutions including Qianhe capital

Some agencies view it as follows:

In the next few years, the company will usher in a new stage of rapid development. On the one hand, the high-profit pharmaceutical products have a certain volume and are in a rapid development period, and anesthesia, respiratory and skin products are expected to maintain high-speed growth in the next few years; on the other hand, from the perspective of policy trends, the industrial position of API in the pharmaceutical industry will be higher and higher. At present, the companys leading position in the field of steroid raw materials is beyond doubt, even in the international market Leading level, obvious competitive advantage, inflection point established.

As the leading target of the pharmaceutical industry segmentation, the stock has received strong attention from the Fund recently. It is Xianju pharmaceutical.

Starting from the opening price of 8.3 yuan on November 1, Xianju pharmaceutical rose all the way. On November 28, it reached a new high of 11.65 yuan in four years. It took less than a month, and its growth in November was as high as 29%.

Trend chart of Xianju pharmaceutical in November

Lets go back to the market performance of Xianju pharmaceutical according to the time, or we can find out the idea of hot money and institutional trading.

On November 7, Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was listed on the dragon and tiger list for the first time in the year, with the daily limit up and down. At this time, the buying and selling direction of institutions and hot money is not clear, and the top five largest buyers and sellers have institutions and hot money figures.

On November 14, Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was listed on the dragon and tiger list for the second time in the year, with trading limit rising at the end of the year. Among the five seats with the largest purchase amount, four are special seats for institutions, with a total net purchase of 63.4524 million yuan. There are obvious signs of institutional uplift, and some hot money has been washed out. The sales volume of CAITONG Securities Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Shangtang Road Securities Business Department ranked first on that day, with a net sales volume of 59.81 million yuan.

According to the data of this dragon tiger list, the large-scale purchase of institutions and the second short-term trading limit of stocks effectively stimulated the market enthusiasm. On November 15 and 20, the trading volume of the stock reached 590000 shares and 790000 shares respectively. From the monthly data, the turnover of 880 million shares in November is far higher than that in September and October.

On November 26, Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was listed on the dragon and tiger list after consolidation, which was the last time that the company was listed on the dragon and tiger list in November. Trading volume reached 650000 shares on the same day. However, this time, three institutional seats sold about 30 million yuan hand in hand, with high-level cash out, while the top five buyers were mostly hot money.

Since this year, many people believe in the strategy of buying stocks with the dragon and tiger list. However, blindly following the trend is sometimes like beating the drum to spread flowers. A little carelessness may make you a plate receiving Xia.

Recently, the stock was consolidated again. After pulling out the negative line on November 29, it closed on December 3, with a range decline of more than 5%. According to the data of the latest two dragon and tiger lists, the net purchase amount of the top five seats after the sum of the sales amount is negative. For the follow-up trend of the stock, investors can deliberate on their own, but the risk of large capital operation still exists.

So, whats the short-term investment value of Xianju pharmaceutical from the north capital (special seat of Shenzhen Stock connect) that has been appearing on the list of dragon and tiger?

This picture can tell us the answer.

On November 7, after the trading limit of Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., northbound capital began to gradually ship. The trend chart shows that in November, the share price of Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was inversely related to the shareholding ratio of BEIXIANG capital. BEIXIANG capital has been shipping goods, and the more it rose, the more it sold. Known as smart money, northbound capital seems to smell a hint of risk.

Market attention is still high

Despite the recent adjustment, Xianju pharmaceutical is still the focus of the market. On November 28, the number of institutions participating in the research reached 105, ranking second. Star public private funds, including Ruiyuan fund and Qianhe capital, all participated in the research, showing their concern for the future value of the stock.

During the survey, Xianju pharmaceutical said:

The company has 30 varieties (51 specifications) in the national medical insurance catalogue (2019 version), including 10 specifications (13 specifications) of class A and 20 specifications (38 specifications) of class B..

In addition, the company said that the main products of the Department of gynaecology were progesterone gel, and there were 1.1 kinds of new drugs, namely, orecone sodium, in the field of anesthetic muscle relaxation. At present, phase IIa has been completed. Phase I of IIb has been completed, and now it has entered the stage of statistical analysis. The R & D platform for consistency assessment has been successfully launched, and the R & D platform for respiratory department is in the early stage of construction.

The company said that at present, significant progress has been made in the consistency evaluation. Up to now, 5 product specifications of 3 products including rocuronium injection, finasteride tablets and misoprostol tablets have obtained the acceptance notice of consistency evaluation issued by the State Drug Administration. At present, the consistency evaluation of the above varieties has entered the evaluation stage, and the company is actively promoting the follow-up work.

Medicine stock adjustment does not change long-term good momentum

In addition to Xianju pharmaceutical, many stocks in the pharmaceutical sector were visited by the agency in November, and Kyushu pharmaceutical and Puluo pharmaceutical ranked the top 10 in the agencys hot research list.

Recently, the pharmaceutical industry index has been adjusted, and the stock price of large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies with strong market value in the early stage has declined more. In this regard, a number of institutions believe that its okay for stocks with high valuations to adjust, and there is no need to worry too much in the long run.

Han Guangzhe, fund manager of Golden Eagle medical and health industry fund, believes that from the basic point of view, leading pharmaceutical companies are expected to achieve good performance and no major changes have taken place in industry policies. From the perspective of valuation, the current valuation of leading pharmaceutical companies is relatively high, but R & D investment, industry position and comparative advantage are unprecedented. On the basis of good expected performance, the callback depth of high-quality pharmaceutical companies will be limited. Under the policy environment of encouraging innovation, it is expected that after short-term adjustment, high-quality pharmaceutical companies are expected to launch a new round of market.

Source: editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News: Yang bin_nf4368