Its hard to protect rights after the drivers price increase is not recorded

 Its hard to protect rights after the drivers price increase is not recorded

Finally, in addition to paying 245 yuan of transportation fee through the freight Lala platform, she also transferred 200 yuan of transportation fee and 20 yuan of road toll to the driver through wechat. What made her uncomfortable was that the driver brought people with unclean hands and feet. When facing her, he asked for two cans of beer and secretly took a roll of paper.

At that time, because of the rush to move and the difficulty of changing jobs, Ms. Wang directly hacked the drivers wechat after the event, without saving the conversation records of words and voice with the driver, and missed the opportunity to directly complain to the freight Lala platform.

I feel that the quality of drivers on the platform is uneven, and the trading rules are not very transparent, which gives drivers room to drill. Why is there no recording regulation? Ms Wang expressed confusion.

In response to this, cargo Lala replied to the interface news that as long as the order is placed on cargo Lala platform, there is order number, and the user has objection to the order, they can directly call the platform customer service hotline 1010-3636 to complain, and customer service will verify the situation and actively deal with it. For users and drivers, the platform will maintain a fair and just attitude to resolve disputes.

For the complaints of consumers, the customer service department has a special department to deal with them. In case of any dispute, after verifying the situation, the customer service department will judge the responsibility according to the behavior sub standard of the driver of the customer service lab, including deduction of behavior score, warning, seal number, etc.

In response to Ms. Wangs question of the drivers quality is different from the good and the bad, huolala said that the platform has a strict access system for the driver to join the platform, and the driver must pass the special cargo transportation safety management training before taking the job. In the daily management of drivers, freight Lala standardizes the service of drivers through a strict rating system. Once the poor evaluation and cancellation rate of drivers are lower than the benchmark score line, they will be warned and cleared by the platform. At the same time, if the driver score is at the critical point of the baseline, it will be recalled by the company for secondary training.

Nevertheless, Ms. Wangs experience is not unique.

In fact, when using the same city freight platform such as freight Lala and fast dog taxi to move, the problems such as temporary price increase, disguised price increase and arbitrary charging by drivers are often criticized by users.

According to the previous report of China consumer daily, when Mr. Wen, a white-collar worker in Hangzhou, moved, the platform calculated the transportation fee of 135 yuan, and charged another 230 yuan for transportation, totaling 365 yuan. After the order was placed, the driver picked up the order quickly and drove the truck to the door the next day after the appointment. But when the driver came in, he said that there were too many things and they were too heavy, so he had to increase the price by 100 yuan. After he cancelled the order and re placed it, the drivers he met twice in a row asked for a price increase.

Another Ms. Zheng, who works from Beijing to Hangzhou, reported that she placed an order to pull the goods on the fast Dog Taxi platform, and the driver first proposed to add 500 yuan, which is too much higher than the handling fee calculated in the order. After Ms. Zheng refused, the driver unloaded the goods directly on the spot.

From the same city freight industry, this is also one of the pain and difficulty encountered in this kind of Internet platform access moving scene.

Objectively speaking, the moving service process is complex, and there are many special cases. There will be some unavoidable pain points in the actual service process. In terms of freight Lala, therefore, in addition to the standardized pricing, the platform needs the user and the driver to negotiate the handling fee for some special large pieces, the users order is not consistent with the actual situation, the manual handling distance is too far and other situations that are not within the standard pricing range.

This link often leads to the problem of arbitrary charges. In the process of moving, users are advised to keep the evidence of dialogue and recording in time, and provide evidence and complaints to the platform in time.

Cargo Lala also said that as an Internet platform for freight information matching, it has repeatedly tried to standardize the handling fee. Users can directly check the handling service when placing an order on the platform and charge according to the standardization. In view of the above situation, cargo Lala also launched the worry free moving service on the basis of the original moving service.

Source: interface news Author: Yang Xia editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu Gu NF