Down 66percent! The worst stock market in the fourth quarter was that it lost even in delisting

 Down 66percent! The worst stock market in the fourth quarter was that it lost even in delisting

According to statistics of securities times u00b7 databao, the latest price of more than 600 stocks has dropped by more than 20% compared with the peak since October, among which the latest prices of six stocks, such as Paisi, Shenlian biology, Shencheng a retreat, St Jingui, delisting big control and collier, have dropped by more than 50% compared with the peak since October.

The market performance of Paisi stock is the worst. At the beginning of October, the stock price once reached 33.5 yuan. Yesterday, it fell below 11 yuan and closed at 11.45 yuan, down nearly 66%. The decline of Shenlian Bio Technology Co., Ltd. was the second place, from 36.88 yuan on the first day of listing to the latest less than 15 yuan, down nearly 60%. Shencheng a dropped from 0.97 yuan to the latest 0.4 yuan, down nearly 59%.

Compared with other callback stocks, its surprising that Paisis shares fell first. Shenlian biology, as a new share of science and technology innovation board, has more than tripled its listing increase, which is inevitable with the overall correction of the market. The remaining stocks, in addition to collier, are delisted stocks, and one is STs stock.

Some analysts believe that with the end of the year approaching, there is a tension in the market capital, and some stocks may have a flash crash. At the same time, some withdrawing large stocks may also be killed by mistake.

Data treasure statistics shows that after excluding the secondary new shares, 58 of the stocks whose peak has fallen more than 20% since October have seen net profit growth of more than 30% in the first three quarters and the latest rolling P / E ratio of less than 30 times. Among them, Tianneng heavy industry, Shandong business development, Nanhua instruments, Zhejiang Guangxia and other shares were withdrawn by more than 30%, while Daikin heavy industry, Bomin electronics, Shangshi development and other 17 shares were withdrawn by more than 25%.

From the perspective of market value, the latest market value of mesid and Fengyuan pharmaceutical industry is less than 2 billion yuan; the value of ZTE, Wuhan Zhongshang, Daikin heavy industry and other stock markets is less than 3 billion yuan. The largest market value is PICC, which is more than 260 billion yuan, with a withdrawal rate of nearly 28%. The market value of 360 exceeds 100 billion yuan, and the withdrawal exceeds 21%. In addition, the value of China Merchants shipping, Xinhu Zhongbao, Shengnong development and other stock markets exceeded 10 billion yuan.

In terms of P / E ratio, the latest rolling P / E ratio of 8 shares, such as St Tianye, Zhejiang Guangxia and contemporary Mingcheng, is less than 10 times; the P / E ratio of 20 stock markets, such as Yisheng shares, Limin shares and Fuling electric power, is less than 20 times. In terms of net profit growth in the first three quarters, the growth rate of net profit of Jinyi technology, Pinggao electric, Lanxin technology, Zhejiang Guangxia and other shares exceeded 10 times; the growth rate of net profit of Yisheng, Minhe and Nanhua instruments doubled in the first three quarters. Eight stocks issued the annual report notice, all of which were significantly increased. Among them, the annual report of four shares, i.e. Yisheng shares, Shengnong development, Daikin heavy industry and Yunnan energy investment, is expected to increase by more than 100%, while the annual report of Intech group, ZTE commerce, new Guodu and Limin shares is expected to increase by more than 70%.

These stocks are most favored by the tracking funds of longhubang

On December 3, the seat funds of institutions and business departments in longhubang were purchased by 108 million yuan, of which 16 stocks were purchased and 8 stocks were sold. The top three stocks were Ruifeng optoelectronics, spotlight technology and Hengli industry, with the net purchase amount accounting for 21.36%, 5.05% and 19.62% of the turnover on that day.

From the perspective of Pankou capital flow, the net inflow of main capital is more than 10 million and there are 12 stocks purchased by longhubang, among which Ruifeng photoelectric, shendatong, spotlight technology and other stocks have the largest net inflow. The largest net inflows are Taihua shares, meiliyun shares and Weidi shares, with the net inflows of 59.18%, 58.22% and 42.57% respectively.

Jianyi group and other shares rose for more than five consecutive days

According to the statistics of data treasure of securities times, as of the closing on December 3, there were 614 stocks in the two cities rising for more than three trading days in a row, 69 stocks rising for more than five trading days in a row. The top three stocks with the largest number of days in a row were Jianyi group (11 days), Honglu steel structure (9 days) and * ST Lianhua (9 days). The top three gainers in the period of continuous rising are * ST Mengshi (33.95%), Huasen Pharmaceutical (33.76%) and Wantong intelligent control (33.11%).

It is worth noting that of the 614 stocks that have risen in a row, 9 stocks have accumulated net inflow of main funds of more than 100 million yuan during the period. Among them, Fenghua hi tech has the most accumulated capital inflow, with the main capital inflow of 371 million yuan.

66 shares average line is long recently

Generally speaking, the average long spread represents the buyers strong strength, and the future market is more likely to be dominated by multiple parties. The average of 66 individual stocks on the 5th, 10th, 20th and 60th was in a long position recently. Among them, Lijiang tourism, Xinyuan Technology, Dalian Shengya share price and the 60 day average have the lowest deviation rates, which are 2.54%, 3.02% and 3.46% respectively.

In addition, 30 stocks not only have the above-mentioned four average lines in long-term arrangement, but also have the 120 day and 250 day average lines in long-term arrangement, which shows that such stocks not only have a good short-term trend, but also stand on the first half year line and annual line, and the long-term trend is also a strong upward trend. The data shows that among these stocks, Sgt technology, Wantong real estate, shentianma A and 250 day average have the lowest deviation rates, 11.63%, 12.45% and 13.06% respectively.

Yangjie technology and other stocks stagnated in large volume

At present, there are 48 A shares in the two cities, among which Yangjie technology, Zhongguancun, Zhonggong high tech and other shares have the largest 5-day volume ratio, reaching 4.41, 3.61 and 3.27 respectively.

It is worth noting that of the 48 large volume stagflation stocks, Datang Power Generation, Fuxiang, Huafeng super fiber, China Merchants highway, East China heavy machinery and other stocks have more net inflow of main capital.

Note: the last four tables of this information have eliminated the new shares listed in the past year.

Source: Dabao editor in charge: Yang bin_nf4368