Postal savings banks offline subscription payment rate reaches 99.5percent. Danbin and other tycoons show up

 Postal savings banks offline subscription payment rate reaches 99.5percent. Danbin and other tycoons show up

According to the announcement, postal savings bank has completed the payment of A-share IPO. The subscription amount of offline payment is about 7.07 billion yuan, accounting for 99.5% of the total scale of offline issuance. The payment rate has reached a new high in the market-oriented inquiry and issuance project of A-share since this year.

This A-share IPO of postal savings bank brings together various well-known institutions. Six strategic placement funds, social security fund portfolio and central enterprise funds gathered. Danbin, Linyuan companies have bought, more like GE Weidong and other super cattle have not scattered!

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Up to 99.5% of offline subscription payment rate

Full payment of A-share core six institutions

According to the announcement, the online subscription payment rate of postal savings bank reached 99.5%, a new high in A-share market-oriented issuance project since this year. In particular, the six core institutions (i.e. securities companies, fund companies, trust companies, financial companies, insurance companies and qualified foreign investors) with pricing and investment research capabilities and representing the backbone of A-share market have paid in full.

Analysts said, the six core types of institutions in the A-share market are value discoverers and stabilizers of resource allocation in the capital market. Their full payment highlights the high recognition of the investment value of postal savings banks. At the same time, 70% of the shares allocated to these institutions will be locked in 6 months after the listing of a shares of postal savings bank, laying a solid foundation for postal savings banks future performance.

According to the announcement, four joint lead underwriters, including CICC, China Post securities, UBS Securities and CITIC Securities, promised to lock up their underwriting shares for at least one month and up to six months from the date of listing of a shares of postal savings bank.

According to the analysis of the insiders, the sponsor and the lead underwriter are the most familiar with the issuers fundamentals. Such measures can be compared with the securities companies follow-up investment mechanism of science and technology innovation board. For the most concerned question of investors, whether this stock is worth buying or not, the securities business real gold and silver will answer, which undoubtedly adds weight to the post savings banks future performance.

At the same time, shareholders such as ant financial services, Tencent, China Life Insurance, China Telecom, etc. have been optimistic about and hold the shares of postal savings bank for a long time since they became strategic shareholders of postal savings bank in 2015. They promised to lock the A shares of postal savings bank for one year.

Super niusan, famous private placement

Sorting out the list of offline investors of postal savings bank, suspected super niusan and well-known private placement appear frequently.

In the list of offline investors, there are suspected futures tycoons and super niusan geweidong, with 12 million shares subscribed and 86839 shares finally allocated. According to the issue price of 5.5 yuan / share, geweidong paid 477600 yuan. Before that, Ge Weidong, the futures tycoon, was very fond of financial stocks. In 2013, he placed a heavy position in Ping An Bank, occupying the top ten circulating shareholders of Ping An Bank for four years, until 2015, he gradually reduced his position. In addition, Ge Weidong also had a significant stake in Chinas peace.

Lin Yuan investment, a well-known private equity firm, and its funds also subscribed 12 million shares respectively, and finally received 199015 shares. According to the issuing price, the total amount of Forest Park Investment payment is 2189200 yuan.

Suspected Lin Yuan also appeared in the list, with 86839 shares allocated. It is worth mentioning that the forest garden has been firmly optimistic about Maotai, Guizhou.

Li Rucheng, the suspected real controller of Youngor, also appeared on the list of offline investors and was allocated 86839 shares.

In addition, danbins Shenzhen Oriental Harbor Investment Management Co., Ltd. also appeared in the list, with 199015 shares allocated to its private funds, with a total payment of 2189200 yuan.

Six strategic placement funds gather

Various well-known organizations gather

According to the previous announcement of postal savings bank, six strategic placement funds, including Huaxia Fund, Jiashi fund, huitianfu fund, e-fund, China Merchants Fund and South Fund, gathered in postal savings banks A-share IPO, and Dingge participated in the strategic placement. It can be seen from this announcement that all the above strategic placement funds have completed their contributions. At the same time, other products of the fund companies affiliated to the six funds also actively participated in the issuance, with 247 products participating in offline allotment and paying in full.

In addition, the A-share IPO of postal savings bank brings together various well-known institutions. Relevant announcements show that four state-owned banks, including industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and Construction Bank, three barrels of oil, such as PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC, and three major telecom operators, such as China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, as well as enterprise annuity and occupational annuity plans in Shandong, Beijing, Hunan and other provinces, all participated in the IPO of A-share of postal savings bank.

In addition, Taiping asset management, Pacific asset management, sunshine asset management, Taikang asset management, Huatai asset management, PICC asset management and other insurance department asset management companies, Anxin securities, Orient Securities and other securities companies, Beijing Xicheng District state-owned asset management company, Nanjing state-owned asset management Co., Ltd. and other local state-owned investment platforms have also emerged.

Analysts said that the above-mentioned well-known institutions have extremely high requirements for the safety and profitability of investment targets, and the screening criteria for investment targets are extremely strict, which can be unanimously favored by the above-mentioned institutions, further proving the future growth prospects and intrinsic value of postal savings bank.

A shares are expected to be included in the main index after listing

Up to 8 billion incremental funds to support share price

Professionals said that postal savings bank A shares will soon be included in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index, China 100 index, Shanghai 50 index and other major indexes due to market size, transaction amount and liquidity. According to the current A-share market value calculation, in the future, due to the allocation demand of relevant index funds, the resulting allocation fund is expected to be up to about 8 billion yuan, plus the previously disclosed green shoes fund of about 4.3 billion yuan for the future market stability, the maximum amount will be more than 10 billion yuan to escort the future performance of postal savings bank.

These index funds are institutional investors who insist on long-term investment and value investment, and are the wind vane of capital market. The above said that the index funds increased holding of shares in postal savings bank is conducive to the optimization of investors structure on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can gather and drive more incremental capital to invest in postal savings bank, which will help further boost the share price.

In addition, with the further deepening of the internationalization of A-share, it is a relatively definite trend for overseas capital to increase the position of A-share in recent years. With the weight of A-share market in MSCI index, FTSE global stock index, standard Dow Jones index and other international indexes increasing, the incremental inflow of foreign capital is worth looking forward to.

Source: responsible editor of China Securities News: Yang bin_nf4368