Li Wanqiang and Lei Juns 20 years: to make millet like a small restaurant

 Li Wanqiang and Lei Juns 20 years: to make millet like a small restaurant

As we all know, Li Wanqiang and Lei Jun have nearly 20 years of common struggle experience and friendship. In Jinshan, Li Wanqiang was Lei Juns right assistant and later became Xiaomis soul figure. This time, Li Wanqiangs sudden departure has attracted the attention of the industry. In the circle of friends, Lei Jun also said: I wish Ali a complete freedom from now on, happy life!!


Lei Jun and Li Wanqiang

In 2000, Jinshan and Lenovo just completed the agreement on gambling. Lei Jun was the CEO of Jinshan software.

On Jinshans homepage, Lei Jun wrote: Jinshan has displayed a stage with infinite scenery, created a superstar like Qiu Bojun, and achieved a best-selling product like WPS. To join Jinshan is to join the exciting, miracle and fantasy software industry, and to start a business with a group of young people.

Under the influence of Lei Jun, in 2000, Li Wanqiang, who had just graduated from University, joined Jinshan as the designer of software interface. Soon, his ability was recognized by Lei Jun, and then he set up Jinshan user experience design team, which was the first team to do user interaction research in the software industry. Since then, Li Wanqiang has successively served as the design director, Internet content director and general manager of Kingsoft software design center in the past ten years. Lei Jun recalled that Li Wanqiang led the team to design software interaction of Kingsoft iciba, Kingsoft poison bully, WPS and other products, which was widely praised by users.

In the book sense of participation, Li Wanqiang also talked about his Jinshan years with Lei Jun. he wrote as follows: I joined Jinshan company in 2000 as a designer. At that time, in terms of product, market and team management, general manager Lei (Lei Jun), the CEO of Jinshan company, took us to create a lot of tough fighting methods. Mr. Lei has always been my mentor and friend, and I have benefited most from him in terms of kowtow and constant system cleaning. The PPT of every press conference has to be changed hundreds of times. It cant be changed any more. Its still being changed half an hour before playing, and even the position and color of one pixel of the screen are dead. Keep brushing the system is to keep learning mentality. I remember that I just arrived in Beijing from Zhuhai in 2004. After I was busy in the office at 10 p.m., Mr. Lei took me to visit a lot of grassroots webmasters of the Internet one by one to learn search engine optimization and website alliance operation, and how to use the lowest cost to get traffic. We were fascinated by the registration of domain names for half a year, and often called in the middle of the night to say which good domain name was snapped. At that time, Mr. Lei won No Less good domain names like DuoWan. Com (play more) and duokan. Com (watch more)..

In December 2007, two months after Jinshan software went public, Lei Jun, who did not realize the hero dream, decided to resign from daily management positions such as Jinshan CEO. After retiring, he became a happy angel investor. Lei Juns retirement left Jinshan with more sadness. At that time, many employees left. According to an old employee in Jinshan, my heart is very painful. Mr. Lei has gone. Jinshans dream is far away. All the brothers who fought together have fled. They cant help themselves. They dont know how to survive.

At the end of 2009, Li Wanqiang, who had been struggling for ten years in Jinshan, also left. It was Lei Juns 40th birthday. Lei Jun asked Li Wanqiang to drink until midnight. On the table, Li Wanqiang told Lei Jun: I want to play business photography.

As we all know, Li Wanqiang is the first generation of UI Designer in China. In addition, he is almost obsessed with photography, painting and other arts. Li Wanqiang once said: I like art. When I look through the album of artists works at hand, I see stories and emotions far beyond art itself. Around 1991, I bought the first camera, Ricoh xr8 film machine. I was once asked by a journalist friend what is my expectation for the future. My answer is, I hope to keep loving. My love comes from self realization. It is about desire, such as sense of achievement and honor. It is also about introspection, such as devout faith in excellent art, simple yearning for more beautiful and accurate presentation.

After Li Wanqiangs speech, Lei Jun began to talk about his life ideal on the wine table. At the age of 18, Lei Jun wanted to establish a world-class enterprise and do a great thing, but it didnt come true. Now he is 40 years old. Lei Jun finds that he cant wait any longer. Whether he succeeds or not, he decides to try for the last time. Therefore, Lei Jun told Li Wanqiang: I plan to start a business again, whether to work together or not. According to Lei Jun, Li Wanqiang agreed without hesitation. At that time, I froze and asked him, do you know what I want to do? Li Wanqiang immediately replied, you need to make a mobile phone. However, Li Wanqiang joked afterwards: it wasnt convinced by Lei Jun, but my physical strength was overdrawn. From 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. In order to build Xiaomis top team, Lei Jun also worked hard.


Xiaomi founding team

On April 6, 2010, Lei Jun, Li Wanqiang, Lin bin and others officially founded Xiaomi. On the day the company started, Li Wanqiangs father got up at five in the morning to cook rice porridge. Li Wanqiang recalled: when 14 members of our initial team held up their bowls to celebrate, I really felt like millet plus rifle revolution. Since then, Xiaomi has kept the tradition of drinking Xiaomi porridge every time she moved.

When Xiaomi was founded, Lei Juns idea was that no matter how big the company could be in the future, Xiaomi must be built into a company like a small restaurant that allows users to participate. The boss is friends with everyone who comes to dinner. Lei Jun firmly believes that the way of friends is the way of long-term sustainable development.

In the sense of participation, Li Wanqiang wrote that to be an enterprise is like being a human being. Only friends can truly spread and maintain your reputation for you. Friends are the most trusted user relationships. Xiaomis guiding ideology of user relationship is to be friends with users! Let employees become users of products, let employees friends also become users, require all employees to customer service for all employees, and encourage them to be friends with users. In order to make users have more in-depth experience, Xiaomi started to let users participate in the process of product development, market operation, etc., play and discuss products with users like friends, collect requirements through social media such as forum, meter chat, QQ, wechat, microblog or offline activities, and carry out product communication. We have gradually found that the era of participatory consumption has come, and satisfied users with this new consumption mentality. The core of Internet thinking is that word-of-mouth is the king. The essence of word-of-mouth is user thinking, which is to let users have a sense of participation. It is said that Xiaomis marketing is good, in fact, good reputation, in essence, Xiaomis marketing is word-of-mouth marketing.

When Xiaomi was founded half a year ago, Jinshan met with a great challenge. Qiu Bojun began to frequently mobilize Lei Jun to take over as chairman of the board. Under the difficulties, Li Wanqiang did not hesitate to support Lei Juns return to take over as chairman of Jinshan. According to Li Wanqiang, once I went to Lei Jun and he took out his mobile phone to show me Qiu Bojuns text message, which said that if Lei Jun didnt come back, Jinshan might not be able. Lei Jun asked me if I could go back? In an article, Li Wanqiang also said, Mr. Lei once said three key factors for the success of Entrepreneurship: selecting a large market, building the best team and getting money that cant be spent.. So whats the difference between making millet and making Jinshan? Xiaomi and Jinshan both chose a good business direction and formed a very excellent team when they started their business. The difference between them is that: first, Xiaomi got enough money in the early stage of their business. 2. When we started Xiaomi, Lei asked us to focus on one thing: word of mouth.

On August 16, 2011, Xiaomi mobile phone conference and MIUI anniversary fan celebration were held in 798. Because the venue was too small, many people sat on the ground. This conference gradually evolved into a talk show between Lei Jun and Xiaomi mobile. In a short film on the big screen, a group of internet stars, including Bisheng, Li Xueling and Fanke chennian, dropped their apple phones and shouted, we want millet!! At the scene, some people called Uncle Lei, others called Uncle Lei, and some jokingly called rebbs. This is similar to jobss performance at the mosconey Convention Center.

But behind the enthusiasm of the conference, when Xiaomi mobile phone 1 came out, it was still questioned by many people, worried about the poor quality of Xiaomi mobile phone. Later, when attending the small media communication meeting, Lei Jun would stop no matter what the arrangement of the meeting was. He told everyone patiently that Xiaomis components came from world-class suppliers, that they used the assembly plant used by apple, and so on. When he was excited, he couldnt help demonstrating and throwing his cell phone on the spot, and wanted to tell everyone vividly that Xiaomis cell phone was resistant to attack The quality of a fall is qualified. A fall is not once, but twice and three times.

In addition to Lei Juns huge pressure, Li Wanqiang is also under considerable pressure. In October 2011, Xiaomi mobile phone was just launched and its production capacity just climbed. It can only produce 500 mobile phones a day, with a maximum of 1000 mobile phones. However, more than 300000 people made an appointment to buy a mobile phone for the first time, which put Li Wanqiang under pressure. Xiaomi is a beginner in every link from production to logistics, from customer service to after-sales, Li said. At that time, there were only over 100 people in Xiaomi, who were very nervous every day from top to bottom. In order to improve production capacity as soon as possible, Li Wanqiang works late every day. One day, Li Wanqiang worked until two oclock in the morning. On the way home, he felt flustered and stopped at the side of the road. Then he got out of the car. Li Wanqiang recalled: because this was the day we promised to supply goods, but due to the sudden floods in Thailand, the delay in the supply of mobile phone batteries led to the failure of the promise, and the forum of Xiaomi was full of abuse from users. At this time, I suddenly received a private message from Leo, our earliest user, saying that he had made something for us, hoping Xiaomi would hold on. This is a video posted in Xiaomi forum. Users all over the country shouted four words in the video, Xiaomi come on! At that moment, I burst into tears. This is the power of fans. This kind of touching always inspires us to keep our original heart and reminds us that we are a lucky pig!

Li Wanqiang understands that to make a product with love, users will return love. The users love will continue to motivate the team. From 2010 to 2014, Li Wanqiang started from scratch and created MIUI, and other businesses, which contributed a lot to Xiaomis success. So Lei Jun expressed his thanks to Li Wanqiang on Weibo: Ali has successfully pioneered twice.

In August 2014, Li Wanqiang published the best-selling book sense of participation: Xiaomis internal Manual of word-of-mouth marketing, which was written by Lei Jun himself and won the first place in the 2014 management books best-selling list of In the book, Li Wanqiang unreservedly discusses the secret behind Xiaomis rise - public praise - and public praise. At that time, which is the best marketing company in China? Xiaomi, Lei Jun, Li Wanqiang has become a buzzword in the marketing circle. As one of the founders of Xiaomi marketing, Li Wanqiang is the object of all peoples worship. Li Wanqiang exclaimed: starting from being a mobile phone we like, we didnt expect Xiaomi to have more than 60 million users worldwide and nearly 6000 employees. These four years are really a dream trip and a magic trip.

In the postscript of the sense of participation, Li Wanqiang also wrote that in his 14 years of work, he had the honor to experience two business tides of the Internet and the mobile Internet. I have been engaged in design, product manager, content editor, marketing and sales, and I have been a professional manager, and now I am an entrepreneur. Prosperous Vientiane is actually the background of the world! All you need to do is keep your head down! I think every product, every venture is a life, a miniature of life. Nietzsches philosophy of life has three questions: who am I? Where am I from? Where am I going?

Who am I? Its a choice of products. We need to know what value our products create. Where am I from? Its the teams choice. Products come from teams. This is not the era of personal heroes. We should try our best to build a good team. Where am I going? Its the users choice. For whom is this product designed? This product must be designed for itself first. In the process of making products and starting businesses, we are solving these problems.

How do we face our life? Facing our entrepreneurship? R. Kelly, a famous American singer, wrote a song I believe I can fly for Michael Jordan in 1996, which is about dream, hope and persistence! I give this song to all the friends on the way to start a business! The end of every journey is a new beginning!


Li Wanqiangs photography

In 2014, Xiaomi became the largest smartphone manufacturer in China by pressing many competitors. At that time, Li Wanqiangs career was also in the ascendant. Luo Yonghao once commented that in the process of building Xiaomis mobile phone brand for five years, Li Wanqiang more embodies a professional image of diligence and strong internal drive. In the face of good opportunities and high pressure, he keeps learning and never flinches and evades.

However, at the end of 2014, Li Wanqiang suddenly announced the closure. He wrote on his microblog: in the future, I will go to Silicon Valley for a period of time to prepare new products. Lin bin is responsible for xiaomi.coms work. The greatness and beauty we experience is not only in creation, but also with whom! Thanks to my boss Lei Jun, thanks to all Xiaomis friends and family! Hope Xiaomi net to make another success, come on! In an interview with the media, Li Wanqiang recalled that it was very difficult to make a decision to take a vacation. He had been struggling for three months, which was a painful psychological process, a hell and a heaven. I havent officially left Xiaomi for a long time. Before my vacation, I had a discussion with Lei. Lei always gave me one year to think about it.

As for the current situation of Li Wanqiang before his closing, financial media once recorded that since 2013, careful millet employees will find some changes in Li Wanqiang. On the one hand, his public speech is no longer shy but free. However, some people also noticed that Li Wanqiang, who was still excited in front of the crowd a second ago, would sit in a chair and be dazed when he returned to the office, like a deflated ball. Like many of the people who have grown into the $45 billion valuation company in four years, Li also faces deep anxiety. Part of this anxiety may be related to his identity as No. 2 spokesperson, while others are less humane.

As for the specific reasons for the closure, Li Wanqiang wrote in a preface: the age when even air and water are worried is doomed to be a more anxious one. I am double anxious. In this anxious age, on the eve of the middle-aged crisis in my life, I suddenly stopped for the sake of inner peace. Graduated from university in 2000, Jinshans 10-year career and Xiaomis 5-year career are basically in front of and behind the feet. They havent had much rest. They have been very tense. Relax, I slowly want to understand that this vacation, 15 years of career aesthetic fatigue is the fuse, and the root is the internal anxiety. I feel like Im halfway through my life. Ive gone through a lot, but I havent knocked myself out completely. Suddenly one day there is a strong sense of destiny, will start to think about death, even fear of death when it comes, and regret! Theres a lot of things I want to do that havent been done yet!

Naturally, you will question what you do now. Do you want to do the most? Is life like this? Can there be any change? Even as many years ago, think about the meaning of life. This is the middle age crisis! Fight with yourself! This vacation is a deep talk with my middle-aged crisis. I cant avoid it. Im doomed to be confused before Im 40, just like the darkness before dawn.

After closing, Li Wanqiang once said that he would go to Silicon Valley to prepare for Xiaomis next product. At that time, people thought that he would hold a big move during his rest. As a result, he stayed in Yunnan most of the time. Li Wanqiang recalled: at the beginning of the vacation, he was still thinking about many things, many uncertainties, and unconsciously thought that it was different. There was a little old mans reflection rebellion. In January 2015, I completed the handover of vacation work. I drove myself from Beijing all the way south, and finally stopped in Yunnan. I especially like Dali and Xishuangbanna in Yunnan. The sunshine and air are very good. In addition, I like to drink Puer tea, where you can find good ancient tree tea. During my vacation, I spent most of my time in Yunnan. My daily life is four things: running, reading, taking photos and being dazed. Running gives me a habit that I can benefit from all my life. Reading gives me a lot of inspiration and finally dispels my anxiety. After this vacation, I also reached a settlement with my middle-aged crisis. How can we get inner peace in the face of anxiety? Li also shared four experiences: first, read more classics; second, have an interest; third, change an angle; fourth, live in the present.

On August 9, 2015, Li Wanqiang held his personal photography exhibition the starry sky of flowers and trees in Beijing Today Art Museum. At the scene, Li Wanqiang was wearing a cap, a blue-green T-shirt and a pair of yellow sneakers, full of artistic atmosphere. He is more like a literary youth than a businessman or a designer. At that time, Lei Jun also went to visit the exhibition. He used a word to describe Li Wanqiang: true. Lei Jun also added: to be more direct, Ali is a Pisces, a bit of super obsessive-compulsive disorder, a detail can be changed dozens of times. In order to take a group of photos, Li Wanqiang carried more than 10 jin of equipment on his back when the catkins were flying like snow. He took photos in Jingmi road for nearly 8 hours every day. He was so tired that he had a sense of collapse. All his body was white catkins. At that time, he didnt wear a mask or drink much water. As a result, he coughed for nearly a week.

At the exhibition site, Li Wanqiang also expressed that: I like photography for more than 20 years, and I have focused on photography for more than half a year. I have input a lot of ideas into my life, so I need to output it, form a cycle, and go down better, so I have become my own curator. In the past, when I wanted to do a photo exhibition, I thought of going to some extreme places to take photos, so that I could easily see the films that were very shocking in the past, such as the snow mountains in Tibet, the aurora at the north and south poles, etc. The mountains, the sea and the starry sky are all great beauty, but life is more of ordinary little beauty. Take pictures of the little beauty everywhere around you. Take pictures of the flowers and trees of little beauty into the starry sky of great beauty. You can find something unusual from the ordinary, and feel the great beauty of life from the small beauty of life. This is my creative theme At the end of the speech, Li Wanqiang suddenly raised his voice: I love photography and art, but I havent thought of turning photography into a future career. When it comes to the future, as long as you love it, everything is expected. There are many rumors recently, but here I want to tell you a news, the end of the year - I want to return to millet. Thanks to my boss, my teacher. Just as the voice fell, Li Wanqiang sobbed and walked towards Lei Jun, his eyes full of tears. All of a sudden, there was applause.


Li Wan Qiang

On December 31, 2015, Li Wanqiang wrote for those tears in my eyes on Weibo. If we yearn for the starry sky, in fact, the end of every road is the universe. The tide rises and falls, the flowers bloom and fade, just a gift on the way. And those tears are the direction of our hearts.

Five days later, Li Wanqiang officially announced his return to Xiaomi. On Weibo, he wrote, the closure is over, and Im back in line. I will be mainly responsible for two things in the future: Xiaomi market and Xiaomi film industry. The film industry is a brand-new subsidiary, which is currently in the preparation stage of team building. Lei Jun recently talked about returning to his original heart repeatedly. Never forget why he started. In my heart, he started again for those tears! In 2016, I wish all the friends on the way to start a business to be young and tearful forever! Later, Lei Jun added love you to his microblog, saying, Ali is alive with blood..

Li Wanqiangs return can be described as Xiaomis expectation and expectation. In the year when he left, Xiaomi began to encounter the biggest crisis since its establishment, with many problems such as sharp decline in performance, supply chain crisis, weak marketing, management challenges brought by the rapid growth of enterprises, etc. At the same time of fierce attack by friends and businessmen, the negative Xiaomi was questioned for a time, and the voice of singing Down Xiaomi continued.

In the face of adverse news from the market and public opinion, Lei Jun was also hit hard. At the end of November 2015, at the new product conference of red rice note3, Lei Jun delivered a speech all my yearnings almost chokingly, and the executives of Xiaomi on the stage almost burst into tears. In his speech, Lei Jun said, in Beijing, Xiaomis building is far from high enough. Last Thursday night, I saw those young people downstairs Xiaomi. If they really came from thousands of miles away, in the real tall buildings, in the rainy and snowy night, looking up to the height of phase III of the international trade, what would they think of? What they think is, where are they staying tonight? Is there any heating in the place where you live? Or, can I pass the interview tomorrow? In the subway in Beijing where the word crowded is no longer enough, what are the first things they need to find when they turn on their mobile phones? I cant imagine.

Im sure that 24 years ago, I was as young as them. After 13 hours of train turbulence, I came to Beijing from Wuhan alone. At that time, there were no tall buildings in Beijing, but walking in the Beijing station square, I couldnt help looking around. What I can still remember is that four or five years ago, when I first went to the United States and walked out of San Francisco Airport after founding Xiaomi, the first sentence that came to my mind was Jiang Wens words in the TV series Beijing people in New York: America, Im here. So, after two months of searching, we found this sentence: all my yearnings.

At the same time of Li Wanqiangs return, Lei Jun began to take over the supply chain by himself. In order to wake up old users and compete for high-end market, in 2016, Li Wanqiang led the team to start with black technology as the key word, go through one technology, one art, and then beat through exploration, setting up the victory of Xiaomis phased campaign. In 2017, Li Wanqiang put Xiaomis market focus on pulling new. He began to explore new boundaries, such as Xiaomis traditional offline advertising.

After more than a years efforts, Xiaomi has made a new upgrade in mobile phone design, supply chain, brand, marketing, marketing, etc. In the second quarter of 2017, Xiaomis market share returned to the fifth place in the world. Finally, Xiaomi was alive. At the Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum in Yabuli, Lei Jun said: Im lying on the floor. No one can beat me.

Recalling this difficult period, Li Wanqiang lamented that if the previous entrepreneurship was summed up as running in the excitement, then nearly two years after returning to Xiaomi would be continuous tearing. Youll find that theres never an orgasm, because its always an orgasm. Its painful to be a great career, unless youre an artist. Sometimes in the dead of night, we think that although its hard to make millet, we are still luckier than others at this time.

Although the mobile phone business has been revived, the Xiaomi film industry developed by Li Wanqiang has been killed for more than a year. As few works made a sensation in the market, at the beginning of 2017, Li Wanqiang dissolved the publicity and Distribution Department of Xiaomi film industry.

On November 24, 2017, Lei Jun issued an internal letter saying: Li Wanqiang was appointed as the brand strategy officer to focus on the companys brand construction. At the same time, Li Wanqiang also appointed Shun as the capital investment partner to strengthen the cooperation between Xiaomi and Shun in the investment field. Thanks to Li Wanqiang for his outstanding contribution in the marketing department of the company in the past two years!

At an event at the end of December 2017, Li Wanqiang said: Xiaomi has rebounded strongly this year, and has made a lot of supplementary lessons and worked hard in internal skills. It is very important for an enterprise to stick to its original intention. Back to Xiaomi company, the original intention is to let everyone enjoy the fun of science and technology, make products with high price and touching peoples hearts. If a company wants to succeed, it should make its brand more and more personalized, so that it can exist better.

After 2018, in addition to actively running for Xiaomis listing, Li Wanqiang rarely appeared, as if he was gradually fading out of Xiaomis daily management work, which can also be seen from his microblog. Before June 2016, Li Wanqiang often published Xiaomi related microblogs. However, from June 14, 2016 to December 3, 2019, Li Wanqiang only published two microblogs on March 24, 2019, both of which were Xiaomi products. Under those two microblogs, some netizens called for president Li to come back soon. Xiaomi needs you. Mr. Li would like to guide the marketing work again. Now Xiaomis brand power has declined dramatically.

Sure enough, fans guessed that Li Wanqiang was going to leave. On November 29, Xiaomi group carried out a new round of personnel appointment. Li Wanqiang, the co-founder of Xiaomi, resigned for personal reasons and will later serve as a senior consultant of Xiaomi group.

In his internal letter, Lei Jun wrote: thanks to Ali for his long-term contribution and great contribution since he started his business. Li led many businesses such as MIUI, (Xiaomi sales and service system), Xiaomi brand market system, etc. to continue to open up wasteland, and made indelible contributions in many fields such as business model verification and implementation, corporate culture and brand building.

In addition, in the internal letter, Lei Jun also said: we have just released an excellent financial report. In the third quarter of this year, our total revenue reached 53.7 billion yuan, a record high. The adjusted net profit is 3.5 billion yuan, far exceeding the market expectation. In the third quarter of this year, Xiaomis smartphone shipments ranked fourth in the world, and Xiaomi TV continued to rank first in China and fifth in the world. This series of achievements come from the efforts of all millet people. Thank you. Next year will be the year of Xiaomis 5g business and the key year for Xiaomi to promote mobile + aiot. We need stronger group management support and the organizational innovation vitality brought by the cadre rotation mechanism.


Former Xiaomi management team

After Xiaomi left, Li Wanqiang made a circle of friends: I officially left Xiaomi and said goodbye, wishing Xiaomi better and better in the future. In the past 10 years, thank you, Mr. Lei, Xiaomis brothers who fought side by side, all media friends and partners for their love and support, as well as the rice noodles friends who gave me suggestions and encouragement from all over the world! And the pot of rice porridge that my father cooked in the dark at 5 oclock. Thank you for the hot and boiling 10 years! Then, Lei Jun in the circle of friends blessing way: I wish Ali from then on to fly completely, happy life!

At present, Li Wanqiang has yet to disclose the truth to the public whether it is because of high pressure, personal interest or organizational change and adjustment that he finally chooses to leave. However, according to the media, Li Wanqiang has been focusing on his favorite art such as photography and painting since the beginning of this year.

In the early years, a reporter asked Li Wanqiang what is his expectation for the future? He replied: keep loving. When the reporter continued to ask for specific details, Li Wanqiang said, when you want to be quiet, draw the pictures you took. I always believe in my heart that it is not business that can travel through time, but philosophy, literature or art. Life is a kind of practice, see oneself see the world see all living beings.

Lei Juns heart has always had the dream of establishing a world-class enterprise, while Li Wanqiangs bone has a literary dream. No matter the ending, people who have dreams to pursue are worth encouraging. The end of every journey is a new beginning. In the preface of the solo exhibition of the starry sky of flowers and trees, Li Wanqiang wrote that he didnt love before, didnt mix at present and didnt welcome in the future. The world is beautiful. Maybe its more beautiful from another angle.

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