Turkey bought Russian S400 missile trump push pot to Obama

 Turkey bought Russian S400 missile trump push pot to Obama

According to the guardian on December 3, NATO celebrated its 70th birthday on December 3. NATO leaders gathered in London to celebrate the organizations birthday. At a press conference before the formal start of the NATO summit in London, Trump and French President Nicolas macaron talked about the purchase of Russian S-400 air defense system by Turkey, a member of NATO. When trump was asked by reporters whether he would sanction Turkey according to the requirements of the United States Congress, he said he was considering this issue.

Russian S-400 air defense missile system

Trump later said Turkey was forced to buy the S-400 because former President Barack Obama refused to sell American Patriot missiles to Turkey. Turkey has long wanted to buy Patriot air defense systems, but Obama said it would not sell them, he said

In fact, the Obama administration has repeatedly offered to provide weapons and equipment to Turkey, but Erdogan has refused because the United States is unwilling to provide the underlying technology of Patriot missiles, the guardian commented.

Since the middle of July, Russia began to provide Turkey with the latest S-400 air defense missile system, triggering a crisis in the relationship between Turkey and the United States. Turkeys president said the S-400 air defense missile system will be fully operational by April 2020. Washington had asked the Turkish side to cancel the purchase contract and purchase the Patriot air defense missile system of the United States, otherwise it would delay or completely cancel the supply of new F-35 fighters to the Turkish side, and impose sanctions under the caatsa. But Ankara refused to compromise.

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