Trump shelled Marcon, saying he could foresee Frances withdrawal from NATO

 Trump shelled Marcon, saying he could foresee Frances withdrawal from NATO

On December 2 local time, President trump of the United States, who is going to attend the NATO summit in London, said that the United States has borne additional expenses for some NATO members who are in arrears in military expenditure, and he will discuss this issue at the summit. Photo by Chen Meng, reporter of China News Agency

According to reports, at the joint press conference with Stoltenberg, trump pointed out that NATO plays a very important role, calling markrons brain death theory insulting other Member States, no country needs NATO more than France. Trump also denied that the alliance between the United States and NATO was faltering, but said I can foresee Frances withdrawal from NATO..

When trump talked about military expenditure, he said that NATO members are willing to significantly increase the proportion of military expenditure because of his many pressures, but Germany and many member countries still have not borne enough military expenditure. Trump also referred to the dispute between the United States and Europe over aviation subsidies and the digital tax imposed by the European Union on US technology enterprises, arguing that Europe should not be allowed to take advantage of the United States in NATO and trade.

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