Erdogan: NATO members dont mean they cant be friends with Russia

 Erdogan: NATO members dont mean they cant be friends with Russia

(Erdogan. Source: Reuters)

Erdogan said NATO needs to keep pace with the times before leaving for the UK, the report said. He reiterated that he called on NATO to unconditionally support Turkeys military operations in Syria. Erdogan also said that unless his conditions are met, Turkey will continue to block NATOs deployment plans in the Baltic and Poland.

(screenshot of RT report)

Referring to Turkeys relations with Russia, Erdogan defended that Turkeys NATO membership does not mean that it cannot become friends with Russia.

How to deal with the relationship between Turkey and Russia also has big differences within NATO. The report said that despite the strong opposition from Washington, Turkey purchased Russias s S-400 air defense missile system, received Russian natural gas through a new underwater pipeline, and also cooperated closely with Russia in Syria.

NATO will hold a summit in London from December 3 to 4. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the organization. According to the arrangement of the summit, leaders of NATO member countries will review the achievements of the organization in the past 70 years, discuss how NATO can meet new challenges and determine the future development direction. However, on the eve of the summit, NATOs internal contradictions highlighted, casting a shadow on the summit.

Turkey launched a ground military operation in northern Syria in October this year to combat Kurdish forces, which was opposed by France and other NATO member states. Makron criticized turkey for uncoordinated attacks in areas of interest to us.

Markrons comments were not only rejected by Turkey, but also voiced by many NATO member states and EU officials as NATO platforms. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that since Europe cant defend itself alone, its very important to safeguard NATO. Although Turkey is a bit different in NATO, from a geopolitical point of view, Turkey is of great significance to NATO and should stay in NATO.

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