Japan joined NATOs cybersecurity exercise, and Japanese media thought of China again

 Japan joined NATOs cybersecurity exercise, and Japanese media thought of China again

Reported that the network security exercise will continue until December 6. The exercise involved 27 NATO members, the European Union and six NATO partners, including Japan, Algeria, Austria, Finland, Ireland and Sweden. During the exercise, the multinational participating forces will simulate the realistic network attack scenario, prevent the fictitious network attack from paralyzing the important national system through close cooperation, and train relevant personnel to enhance the network response ability.

According to Japan economic news, Japan was a spectator of the above exercises from 2015 to 2018, and this official participation symbolizes the upgrading of Japans identity. Japan has very little experience in international exercises in the field of Internet, said an official from Japans defense ministry. Participating in multilateral exercises is very meaningful and can prepare us for practical actions.

According to the Japanese economic news, it is widely believed that China has the capability of cyber attack that surpasses Russia. The United States is also lobbying other countries not to use the communication equipment produced by Chinese enterprises on the construction of 5g network. Compared with Europe and America, Japans defense system construction in the field of servers lags behind. In terms of security, Japan combined with Europe and America is easy to be attacked. Japan and China have a deep connection in geographical location and economy, so it is necessary to take measures to prevent Japan from becoming a loophole in the European and American server defense network.

It is understood that Japan is the only Asian country participating in network alliance 2019. Japans defense ministry earlier stated on its official website that the purpose of participating in the exercise was not to target specific countries, but to strengthen the way and method of cooperation with NATO in the field of Cyber Defense, while enhancing the combat capabilities of the defense ministry and the self defense forces. In addition, the Ministry of Defense announced the members of the exercise, including the command and communication system force of the self defense force, the integrated staff supervision department (the joint general staff of the land, sea and air self defense force) and the internal departments of the Ministry of defense.

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